Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Easter Pictures!

Dear Amelia -
I missed you so much yesterday. I normally see you over lunch on Monday and Tuesdays but you guys were hangin with Uncle Doodie all day. Daddy said you hardly made a peep over there. You let them play video games and watch basketball. We met over at 6 to get your Easter pictures taken with Jax.

After the 2 of you had your pictures together, it was your turn for single pictures...

You had enough after awhile...

Then it was happy boys turn...

We are going to try again sometime this week. 

Today is a yucky rainy day...good thing you are staying inside with Daddy all day! 

Lydia just called...her and Mr Stephens got a new puppy today! Mary, a retreiver/springer mix! Yeahh! I can't wait to meet her. We might get to meet her sooner rather than later because flights from MSP to MKE are only $98! Hint hint Mr Stephens :)


Monday, March 30, 2009

5 Months Old!

Dear Amelia -
We went to Jayden's birthday party on Saturday. It was fun...there were lots of other kids there. You were the youngest (and the cutest.) After the party, Daddy was home! I took a little tiny nap while you and Daddy played. We had dinner then it was time for me to leave for my monthly Ladies Night. We had so much fun. We did mud masks...

Pretty Katie did my mask, she was NOT suppose to cover my eyebrows so I look a little scary! I stayed until 1130ish. 

You slept from 8pm until 7am! Such a good little sleeper. We woke up and JACKSON came over! Daddy was suppose to work but was called off in the morning. We had our own little photo session in the outfits that Mr Stephens sent.

Click here to see the rest. These were taken from my phone so some are a little blurry. Hope Mr. Stephens likes one of the photos so he can do what he wanted...Get a huge blow up picture of it for the bunk house at the land. Sorry they aren't dancing and smiling Dad...it was early!

After the photo session, we made a trip to Sam's Club. Everyone thought you 2 were twins. We went back home after Sam's and aunty Pam and her brother Jon came to pick up Jackson. Daddy headed to work shortly after they left. I tried to get you to take a nap in your crib but that was a no go. So you took a nap in your swing instead. Then a nap while we snuggled on the couch. Daddy got home from work and we just hung out all night. 

Happy 5 Month Birthday!! I can't believe you are 5 months old already...although it feels like you have been here forever!

Today, you and Daddy are going to hang out with Uncle Doodie all day!

Tonight, Cookie is taking some Easter photo's of you and Jax.


Saturday, March 28, 2009


Dear Amelia -

In the middle of the afternoon I texted Molly to see how things were going and to ask when Matt was going to be home. Molly said that he was home. I felt bad because they hadn't seen eachother in a month since Matt was on the road. So I told her to drop you off at my work around 330 and then she could see Matt early! It was so fun having you at work. We hung out with Annie and some of my other co-workers for awhile then Mommy got some work done while you were an angel in your carseat. Right before it was time to go...we took a picture...

I think its hilarious.

We went home for the night. Daddy beat us home. We cleaned up a little bit, ate and started to watch the movie Twilight. I thought it was really weird and didn't really get the whole hype. I ran to target so we could try Oatmeal instead of rice cereal. Daddy had a friend stop by for a little bit to talk (dorky) Play Station 3 stuff. After he left, we just hung out. We started feeding you the oatmeal, you LOVED it! You couldn't get enough and would start crying if we didn't get it fast enough. Thanks for the tip Grandma Kiki and Jaymi!

Daddy is at work today so its just me and you for the day. We are going to Jayden's 2nd birthday party at 2. Daddy should be home from work around 4. I have my monthly girls night tonight so you and Daddy will just be hangin out.


Friday, March 27, 2009

Jack the Wonder Dog

Dear Amelia -
You had a fun day over at Grandma Kiki's yesterday. Daddy and I meet over at Grandma's for dinner and then we brought you home. You slept until about 730 and then we woke you up to eat. You ate until you were plum full!
Your eyes were as big as your tummy!
After dinner you fell right asleep. You woke me up at 415, I tried to see if you would just take your paci then go back to sleep but you were hungry. So I fed you. I woke you up for the day around 710. 

We drove over to Glamma and Cookie's to meet Molly & Owen. You were in good hands so I headed to work. 

I got some bad news from uncle Billy today. Jack the Wonder Dog died this morning. It sounds like he waited for Lydia to make it home from work, said hi, went potty and was having a hard time breathing. He went to sleep and never woke up. I'm having a tough time shaking this today. It makes me sad to think that we lost Jack and Sconey (aka the little smoochie kitty) all within a few months. 

Uncle Billy sent me this video of Jack (and Jackson!)...

RIP Jack!


Thursday, March 26, 2009


Dear Amelia -
Glamma had me meet her at the Galleria after work because she had a 5 o'clock hair appointment. You fell asleep on the way home. We got home and I took you out of your car seat and your pants were on backwards! Silly Glamma...
I fed you and Daddy came home around 530. We ate dinner and then I was meeting some friends at Champps for dinner. I ate dinner before I left because I'm really trying to be good on my diet but then Molly had to go and get Champps famous waffle fries with seasoned sour cream. She made me eat some. Its all her fault. hehe. I wanted to make it home before it was your bed time so I left early. It was fun while I was there!

I got home and you were in a good mood, just waitin to eat. 
You have been drooling like crazy and it gets all over your hands because your hands are constantly in your mouth!

You woke up at 12:45 this morning crying so Daddy fed you. Then you were up at 4ish and just wanted your paci. That wasn't the end tho, up at 630 to eat. I pulled you out of your crib and you had scratched yourself...Daddy has been calling you scarface all morning. 
You must have just wanted some attention because you only ate 2 ounces. You just wanted to play. So you sat in your car seat while I got ready for work before Grandma Kiki came to get you.

Tonight, we are going to have some "pasties" at Kiki's. I'm not sure what they are but they sure sound good! I have to control myself tho because I am on a SERIOUS diet. I mean, seriously serious.


Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Dear Amelia -
You and Daddy had a busy day yesterday. Daddy put together your highchair (which I hate the pattern of, I thought it was different when I bought it online.) You watched him make Pot Roast. He said he taught you how to make it. He even put a make-shift little chef hat on you...that Daddy is so dang cute. 

Last night we finally got to hang as a family! Since Daddy was out of town and working yesterday it was nice to be just the 3 of us. Plus Norman and the dogs we are watching (Raja and Kaia.)  I tried to get you to roll over for a good 45 minutes but you weren't interested.
Daddy put you in your funny shirt yesterday. The answer is yes, it does but only because of the diaper :)

You took a little cat nap while Daddy and I watched the movie "W." It was boring. I'm not so into politics. Mr Stephens will tell you all about being a republican someday.

While you were napping, I was able to look at your hair. Your long hairs are a dark brown but the new hairs coming in are blonde. What's up with that?

Grandma Kiki, Jaymi and Aubrey are all blonde so maybe you'll join the Dirks' girls and have blonde hair! We'll see! 

Today, Aunty Aubrey had an all day meeting so you are with Glamma all day today! 


Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Dear Amelia -
I just got a call from your Daddy...

YOU ROLLED OVER! From your tummy to your back, twice! I can't wait to see it with my own eyes.

So proud...


Ali's Monthly Visit

Dear Amelia -
Well, spring is being a tease. It was so nice this past weekend and now its yucky outside. Yucky and rainy. Oh well, at least we got some nice days!

I got home from work yesterday to find a crabby babe. Daddy went to work and you took a nap! The nap solved your crabbyness! Ali came over for her monthly Monday visit around 530. We caught up and watched Dancing with the Stars. You were wearing your AMELIA & JACKSON monkey onesie that Jaye made for you...
Then it was diapie time...
You have been moving like crazy lately! There's no way I could leave you in your boppy anymore while I run to the bathroom! 

I started to feed you around 8 but you had a little tummyache so you would cry after every few sips. Poor baby. After 7 ounces, I decided to just see if you would go ni ni's. That was a no go...so I rocked you for 10 minutes. You are so cute. We just stared at each other until you fell asleep. You must have been tired because you slept until 645 this morning!

Yesterday I got a link for my 10 year class reunion. Wowza, that came by so fast. Its on the same day as Kellee's wedding so I'm going to have to do some double duty. I'm also going to have to go on  a serious diet. I was already planning on the diet for Billy & Pam's wedding. It re-started yesterday :)


Monday, March 23, 2009

Rain rain go away...

Dear Amelia -
Saturday we went over to Sarah's at about 5. Some of our friends were there...Sarah, Justin, Wendy, Elijah, Molly, Owen, Omer (or Homer as Owen calls him,) Kia, Jason and Teegan. It was fun times. We left at about 9. I wanted to rent a movie so we stopped at the RedBox and rented Cadillac Records. It was a really bad movie. Don't rent it...ever. When we got home, I thought I locked us out but the door was open. This made me nervous, I didn't sleep real well all night because I was afraid of someone being in the house. I was trying to think how I would get to your room and escape. Lucky I didn't need to bring that plan to life.

Sunday we woke up and I decided I wanted to do some spring cleaning. I called Grandma Kiki and she said she would watch you while I cleaned. She picked you up at 11am and I got busy cleaning. The whole upstairs is pretty clean! I went to Target and to Mr. Carwash as well. Grandma dropped you off at 6. I fed you and put you in your carseat. Daddy's flight came in at 930 so I put you in the car and we picked him up! He had so much fun with Uncle Billy!  It was nice to have him back! 

Tonight, Ali is coming over for our monthly Monday night hang out. 


Saturday, March 21, 2009

March Madness

Dear Amelia -

Well, Daddy made it to Virginia last night! We are going to miss him lots this weekend. We went over to Glamma & Cookie's last night because Mommy wanted to have some of Pam's friends over. We had a good time!

You went to sleep at 8pm in your car seat and woke up at 230am, ate and went back to sleep until 8am! Good work!
Today, you and I are just hangin out and watching Basketball until about 5 when we are going over to Sarah's house for a Grill - a - thon! I'm not sure how late we'll stay...I didn't go to bed until late but you and I took a 2 hour nap this afternoon!

Friday, March 20, 2009

First day of Spring!

Dear Amelia -
I picked you up at Grandma Kiki's yesterday and we headed over to Weston and Meghan's house to meet Finnegan! 

He's so little and cute. You seemed like a giant compared to him. He was 8 pounds 14 ounces when he was born so you were more than 2 pounds less than him. You were so tiny and now you are almost 15 pounds!! Big girl!

We didn't stay at the Millers too long. I know how it feels when you come home from the hospital and you really don't want people to stay that long. 

We went home and I got some stuff ready for tonight. Molly and Owen came over after Wilson's choir concert around 730. 

Owen: "Who's guitar is cooler?"
Me: "Mine"
Owen: "No, Ryan's is cooler. Yours is pretty because you are pretty"

This is why I love Owen. 

Owen showed off his muscles...
while you slept. 

Tonight we are hanging out at Glamma's with some of Pam's friends. Jax will be there too! Maybe the outfits Mr Stephens  picked out will come in the mail today so we can have a photo session! 


Thursday, March 19, 2009

Rock the Vote

Dear Amelia -
Last night we really didn't do much. Daddy grilled while you and I played. You were one tired girl....
(Asleep at the bottle)

(awake for a minute)

You went down about 8 and Daddy woke you up at 540 to feed you before he had to get ready for work. I always wake you up at 715 on Wednesday & Thursday to get you ready. I opened the door and flipped on the light and you didn't wake up. So I let you sleep for a little longer...
Still not up when I went to check on you! You must have been tired. I'll admit that I checked to make sure you were breathing!!

Tonight we are going to meet Finnegan! I can't wait to get my hands on him. 


PS - I've voted for you every hour for you in the cutest baby contest!


Hey Everyone -
Aren't I so cute? So cute that you want to vote for me today for the CUTEST BABY CONTEST?

I am in heat 9, it starts at 10am Thursday and you can vote for me once an hour until Friday morning at 9am. You do have to register to vote but its free and easy! 

Thanks for taking time to vote for me!


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Finnegan Arrived!

Dear Amelia -
Yesterday when I got home from work, you were a happy girl. I love that you recognize us now. Its so fun! Pam, Jax and Jon (Pam's brother) came over for a quick visit to borrow your pack-n-play. We played with the big boy and he smiled lots at your mommy. He loves his aunty. 
(Those are his hands, not his feet!)

After they left, we had another attempt at rice cereal...

You thought it was alright this time. You slept a lot yesterday and even took a nap between 6 and 7. We put you down at 8 and you slept until 645! Daddy was jealous that it was my night to get up with you! Yeah Amelia!

Last night at 1141, Finnegan Robert Miller was born. We waited all day for his arrival! 

We will meet him tomorrow. 

Over lunch today, I am going with Aunty Pam to go try on her wedding dress. She is going to be such a pretty bride. I'll tell you all about it when I pick you up tonight.


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St Patricks Day

Dear Amelia -
Today is your first St Patricks Day. I wonder what % Irish you are. I'm 25%, I don't think Daddy has any Irish in him...so that would make you 12.5%. 

Yesterday was such a beautiful day outside so you and I went for a walk after I wrote your blog. You fell asleep and I took you out of your car seat to snuggle with you and started to cry and wouldn't settle down. I fed you early and you fell right asleep after eating.

We are going to have a girls weekend! Glamma and Cookie are flying Daddy out to Virginia to hang out with Uncle Billy for Billy's birthday present. So its going to be just us chicks! We'll have fun! 

Today Pam and Jax come in town! YIPPIE! I can't wait to see them! Jackson is 4 months today. Happy 4 Month Birthday Jax!!

Today is also a very special day because (hopefully) your new buddy Finnegan Miller will be born today. His mommy was induced this morning at 10 so hopefully he makes his debut today! How prefect is that...Finnegan on St Patricks Day!!

Here are some more pictures from Sunday:

Monday, March 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Uncle Billy yesterday!

Dear Amelia -

I'm so sorry I wasn't able to blog yesterday. We had a busy day, plus Daddy brought the computer with him to work.

Sunday, Uncle Billy's birthday. We woke up around 8, you and I took a walk. As we were leaving the driveway, I was walking full speed and slipped on the ice. It didn't really hurt that bad but I started freaking out because my foot was caught under your stroller...I was afraid I was going to knock over your stroller. I finally got my foot out and we went on our way. One thing that Mommy didn't think of was sun screen. Oops, guess who got a little sunburn on her cheeks and chin? Yup, you. Poor baby. I'm sorry.

We went over to Glamma & Cookie's around noon. I went to Target to get you some sunscreen and a hat because we went on a picnic at 330 and I didn't want you to get (more) sunburnt! We met Paulsons, Liebs & Stewarts at their favorite picnic spot. We went for a little walk and we tried out your front pack....you loved it!
Monday, Daddy dropped you off at Grandma Kiki's work while we went to a funeral for Daddy's great uncle. Daddy dropped me back off at work where I've been very busy...that's why I didn't get a chance to update your blog until 6pm! Daddy picked you back up for a few hours then dropped you back off at Grandma Kiki's work because he had to go to the dentist. I just picked you up. You are taking a nap now!
Today is Jackson's day for the Cutest Baby contest!
Your day is on Thursday, I'll send out a reminder then!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Rice Cereal

Dear Amelia -
Last night we went over to Aunty Aubrey and Uncle Doodys house for dinner. You got a little crabby while we were there but you ended up falling asleep. They made us a delicious dinner and we had dessert. We watched the movie Wall E.
You slept until 715, SEVEN FIFTEEN this morning! Very exciting! I can't believe how well you are sleeping all of a sudden! You and I hung out while Daddy slept in. After he woke up, we took a walk, all 4 of us (including Norman.) Daddy made lunch and then we decided to try to give you rice cereal.
Pre Rice Cereal:
During Rice Cereal:

Post Rice Cereal:

You really didn't like it. You even gaged a couple of times. It sure was messy! You needed a bath after all of this messyness! We took some video's of you. I'll post one on Monday!
Right now you are taking a nap with Daddy. He was suppose to work tonight and now he doesn't have to! WOO HOO!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Busy Day!

Dear Amelia -
Sorry my blog is posting so late. Its been a crazy busy day...

Yesterday, I picked you up from Grandma Kiki's. You gave me a big smile when you saw me. It was so cute. You are the cutest. Grandma sent you home with a new cool blanket! We went home and waited for Daddy. Molly called and her and Owen came by for a little visit. Owen entertained us for a few hours then him and I made some chocolate chip cookies. I asked Owen how the baby was going to come out of his mommy's belly. He said "The doctor is going to take her out" but he insisted on his sibling is going to be a boy. He later asked me "Was Amelia in your tummy?" I said "Yes, remember when Nore's tummy was really big" he looked at me a little funny, I thought he was going to say something like "its still big" but he made my day by saying "Its small now, its not big anymore?" He's one funny (delusional) boy! 

I had to wake you up this morning at 640, I wonder how long you would have slept. I needed to be at work by 745 for a presentation so I dropped you off at Glamma's early. You were still in your pjs :) 

I met you, Molly & Owen for lunch. Daddy ended up getting a half day so he met us there too and took you home!

Tonight we are going to Aunty Aubrey & Uncle Doody's house for dinner. 


PS - 2 more days until Aunty Pam & Jax come home!

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Dear Amelia -
These last few days have been COLD! Its been below zero. Hopefully this is the last of the cold weather and then spring will start! 

Yesterday you went over to Aubrey's. I'm starting to track you feedings and naps so Aubrey took great notes. You slept from 1230 until 4! You are also eating more than 32 ounces every day. I compared notes with aunty Pam and you are eating more than Jackson! We are going to try rice cereal this weekend. 

Daddy beat us home and we had salads for dinner. We played with you for a little bit and then you got a bath.  This was your first bath without the newborn sling!
At one point, you were holding your breath and your face turned bright red. It was a little scary and a little funny. After all of that excitement, you took a little cat nap. 

Daddy woke you up because it was his night to wake up with you and since he hadn't woken up yet, he got up 20 mins early to feed you. You fell back asleep until I woke you up at 715. I had to get you ready for your day with Grandma Kiki!

Mommy went to the dentist this morning and I am a little sore. Daddy goes next week...he hates the dentist!


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Picture catch up time

Dear Amelia -
Daddy made a delish dinner last night. He made up a recipe himself! Such a good cook that Daddy! He called it Taco Surprise. It was meant to be healthy (he used turkey burger) but ended up nothing being so healthy. Oh well. After dinner, we played with you on the floor. You got crabby a little early so we fed you early. You had a hard time falling asleep. I rocked you until you fell asleep. 

You slept until 615 again this morning and then fell back to sleep while I was getting ready for work! 

I have a bunch of funny pictures that I haven't posted yet...

(You and Daddy snuggling)
(I couldn't get this off your big head)
(You were playing on the floor and Norman wanted to play too!)
(man you are cute!)


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

1 Year Ago Today...

Dear Amelia -
Last night Daddy worked so you and I hung out all night. I played with you on the floor for the majority of the night. You took your time eating your nightly 8 ounces and were in your crib at about 840. You slept until 615! Such a good little sleeper! 

One year ago today, I found out I was pregnant with you! The weekend started out bad, Friday March 7th I found out I was laid off. We were heading up to the Millers cabin for a weekend of fun before uncle Billy left for the Navy. I'm really good about not letting stress get to me so I was able to have a fun weekend. Saturday I was really tired all day and Glamma said to me "Are you sure you aren't pregnant?" and I figured I wasn't after a few disappointing months of negative pregnancy tests that it was going to be the same. I told her "no." I took a pregnancy test when I got home Sunday and it was negative. Monday March 10th, Daddy went to work and I stayed home and laid in bed all day. I decided to take another test and this time it was POSITIVE! It was just a cheap dollar store one so I
 was skeptical that it was right. I called Daddy and told him as I was driving to Walgreens to take another test. I ran in and got the test and drove home as fast as possible. I took the test and it was positive!!! 
I called Daddy and he was so excited. I couldn't keep this excitement to myself so I called Molly! After that, I went back to Walgreen's and got the picture developed of the above. I bought a frame that had magnets on the back. I drove up to Glamma's work and put it on her car and tried to hide but she saw me. Such a fun day!!! I can't believe it was already a year ago!

Here you are a few weeks later:


PS - Today Kelly Clarkson's new cd came out...it rules. I'm listening to it on repeat all day.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Cutest Baby Contest!

Today is the day when you can vote for cutest baby! 


UPDATE: I guess they are doing 200 babies a day so I'll let you know when Amelia's day arrives!

UPDATE #2: Voting will be available for Amelia Thursday March 19th. Jax's day is Monday March 16th. I'll remind you for both :)

Thank you!


Dear Amelia -
Lots to cover today! We'll start with the important stuff first! YOU LAUGHED!!! Saturday, you were sitting in your chair and Daddy was making sounds at you and you let out a little giggle. 

Yesterday, I was sitting with you on the coach and you were laughin up a storm!

It was so fun! I can't wait to get home from work to hear you laugh more!!

Yesterday was a busy day. We slept in a little bit because Lindsay was over the night before so we were up a little late. We had to run some errands. We got home in just enough time to take a nap! :) Grandma Kiki got to our house around 445 to watch you while Daddy and I went to the play Movin Out. We met a bunch of people at a restaurant before the play. The play was pretty good. Afterward we went to another restaurant. We were sitting right near the front door and I reconized a bunch of the cast that walked in a little after us. We told them how good they were. THEN the star of the show walked in!!! I told Glamma that I kind of wanted to go take a picture with him so she said she would go with me. He was very nice. Here's how the picture turned out:

Not so great. Oh well...

We went back home where you were sleeping! I think its going to be a little hard getting use to the time change (day light savings time was on Sunday.) 

You and Daddy are going to be at my office soon to go out lunch! I can't wait to see you!


Saturday, March 7, 2009

Polar Bear Plunge!

Dear Amelia -

You gave Molly a run for her money yesterday. Sounds like you cried for awhile after I dropped you off! Silly girl. After I picked you up, we went home and I made bean burritos and waited for Grandma Kiki to come over. She stayed over for awhile and we chatted. You went to sleep around 830 and woke up at 1245 & 545. It was Daddy's night so I let him sleep in until 11 to catch up on his sleep.
We headed over to Meghann & Weston's at 1130 for a little pre-polar bear plunge get together. We walked to the lake and waited for Cookie, Doug, Wes & a bunch of Weston's friends to jump in the super freezing water. You slept the whole time.

(Doug & Cookie pre jump)

We headed back to the Millers for a little bit.

(Meghann, Finn and YOU!)

They went out to grab a bite to eat and we headed home. I went and took a nap because I never get to take naps anymore (I know, waa waa.) Daddy went to work at 5 and you and I are waiting for Lindsay to come over! She's in town for a few weeks!

Tomorrow we are going to Movin Out. You are staying here with Grandma Kiki.