Friday, July 31, 2009

9 month doctors visit

Dear Amelia -
Grandma Kiki was nice enough to meet me at the doctor's office yesterday so I didn't have to leave work any earlier than necessary. When I picked you up, you were napping so I let you sleep until we get to the doctor and it was time to do your measurements!

At your 6th month check up the stats were as follows:
Weight: 17 pounds 9 ounces
Length: 27 inches
Head: 17 inches

9 Month stats:
Weight: 20 pounds 6 ounces -- 75%
Length: 27 3/4 -- 55% (Doc says she thinks you were being measured incorrectly before)
Head: 18" -- 90% (no surprise there)

The doctor was good, She said you are a happy baby...she is right! You didn't have to have any shots yesterday! Boy I was glad to hear that! I did ask her about the bumps on your face, arms and legs. She said it's Kertosis Pilaris. She wasn't too concerned with it and said it will go away. They can give cream to older kids that get it but it stings so she didn't think it would be good for you. I agreed. 

After the doctor, we came back to Mommy's work for about 30 mins so I can finish some stuff up. Everyone thought you were so cute :) Of course!

We went home to finish up some packing before I dropped you off at Glamma and Cookies. I gave you kisses and sent you on your way up to the cabin. I can't wait to see you tonight. Glamma said you did good in the car and once you got up to the cabin you were wide away. I got a text from her this morning say you were up and HAPPY! 

Me, Cookie, Awesome Uncle Aldo and Gram Gram are leaving around 5 to head up! We probably won't get there until after you are asleep but I'll come in and give you a smooch.


Thursday, July 30, 2009

Happy 9 month birthday!

Dear Amelia -
Today marks your 9 month birthday. I remember thinking when Kia's son Teegan was 9 months old that he's been in the world longer than he grew in Kia's tummy. Now I can say the same for you! You are the most precious baby in the world. 

Last night Mommy went to a case study for some new yogurt. It was a lot of fun and I got paid $150 for 2 hours of doing fun stuff! AWESOME! I am going to treat myself to a massage next week. While I was at the case study, you and Daddy hung out. Doesn't sound like you did much. When I got home, you were sound asleep.

I'm leaving work shortly to meet you and Kiki at the doctors office to take you to your 9 month appt. You've had bumbs all over your body for the last few months that I'm going to ask about. I will have a full update on weight and height tomorrow.

After the doctor, we are going to go home and finish getting your things together for the cabin. You, Glamma, Molly, Matt and Owen leave at 6 tonight. Me, Cookie, Awesome Uncle Aldo and Gram Gram will be headed up there tomorrow after work. Daddy won't get up until Saturday after work. I'm looking forward to it but will miss you tonight and all day tomorrow.


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

No Farve

Dear Amelia -
Last night while we were at Bunny's for dinner, we heard that Brett Farve is not going to be a Minnesota Viking. Boo hoo. I was really hoping he'd come here. Oh well. I'm over it already but it was a big deal for the last 80+ days of talks and rumors he was going to play here. 

After dinner, we came home and played until it was dinner time. I gave you a little cheese for the first time. You loved it. 

Tomorrow you are going to be 9 months old. How time has flown!


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

You pulled yourself up!

Dear Amelia -
Sorry for missing 2 blogs (Friday and Monday.) To make up for it...I have a video of you pulling yourself up!

Such a big girl!

We had a busy weekend. Friday, we went to the Stadelman's and hung out with Glamma, Molly, Owen, Grace, Anner, Connie, Katie and Katie's son Kai. Kai is 1 month older than you and he is ADORABLE! Huge blue eyes. I wish I would have gotten a picture of the 2 of you together. We had to depart early because someone (I won't name names) was crabby. You fell asleep on the way home, must have been tired!
Here are you and Owen playing at Connies!

Saturday, Daddy woke up early and ran to Home Depot to get some last minute things for the roof. Matt, Papa Jim and Uncle Ross came over to help around 8. Glamma offered to watch you in the morning so I could get some stuff around the house. I dropped you off and went back home to clean out some closets.  

Around noon, Molly and Owen came over. We had lunch then came and picked you up. We ended up hanging out at Glamma and Cookie's for the rest of the day. You had some of my blueberries.
Looks like you have purple lipstick on!
Sunday, we went swimming at Grandma Kiki's pool. While we were swimming, we ran into a family friend. She thought you were adorable of course. 

Monday, you and Daddy hung out. You pulled yourself up (see the vid above) and when I got home, you and I ran to Ridgedale to get you some new pj's. You are getting so big so your current pj's are becoming too small!

We have such a busy week. You leave for the cabin on Thursday night so we have to get everything packed for the long weekend! I can't wait :)


Thursday, July 23, 2009


Dear Amelia -
You went on your first swing ride last night! We went to the park and you liked the swing, for just a few minutes. After swinging, we just sat you down in the wood chips and you played. Then it was time to go back home where we did nothing.
Tonight we are going over to Kiki's for dinner!


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Busy Girl!

Dear Amelia -
You are so busy. First, wanting to stand at the table, then you need to be held for just one second. The next thought is how you can get over to Norman in the fastest way possible. Its never ending! It sure is fun!

Last night we didn't do anything. Just sat around and had some family time. We have a busy rest of the week. Tomorrow we are going over to Kiki's for dinner with Aubrey and Jeff. Friday, you and I are going over to one of Anner's good friends (Connie's) for a little get together. Glamma, Molly and Owen will be there too! Then Saturday Daddy will be doing the roof and as long as the dumpster is going to be in our driveway, I'm hoping to throw a ton of stuff out! Get our money worth for that dumpster :)

This morning you had your first taste of white bread. Yummm!


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Manic Monday

Dear Amelia -
You were one happy girl yesterday. Maybe its because you spent all day hanging with Daddy or maybe its because you got 3 really good naps even napped in your crib for all 3! Whatever the reason, it was a fun day yesterday! You and I were even dressed in the same color shirt! I dressed myself and Daddy dressed you so it was not on purpose but it was cute :)

When I got home, you were napping. Once you woke up...we ran some errands. First to Home Depot. Daddy, Papa Jim and Matt are working on our roof this weekend so we went to price some stuff out. 

After HD, we went to Toys R Us to look for a big girl carseat because you are getting so big. After that quick stop, we went to Menards to see if they were cheaper...they sure are! It'll save us some good money by going to Menards! Yippie! 

We went home just in time for dinner. You were being hilarious last night. I was laughing at you and you were coping me. You are one cute baby!

Yesterday Jax got tested for allergies and I'm happy to tell you he has none! Woo hoo! Lets hope the same for you but you won't be tested for awhile!


Monday, July 20, 2009

First Swim & Parade!

Dear Amelia -
Well, you had a weekend of firsts! Well, only 2 but that's a big deal. Friday, we hung out at the house and did nothing! Daddy worked all weekend so it was pretty low key. 

Saturday, you woke up earlyyyy! We snuggled in bed for a little bit and then played and you were napping by 745! At 10, we went to the General Store and then back home to hang out. Daddy came home from work at 3. You and I were in the middle of a nap. At 4, we went over to Kiki's house for your first SWIM! You loved it! 

We went home, had dinner and put you to sleep just in time to have webcam Happy Hour with Billy and Pam. 

Sunday, Daddy went to work and you and I got ready for our lunch guests. Molly, Matt, Owen, Kia, Jason, Teegan, BJ, Pon and Omer came over for a pre-parade BBQ. After lunch, we walked down to the parade where Jason had saved us a bunch of seats. You were such a good girl. 
Here you are at your first parade!
Owen waving to the firemen
Nap time during the very loud parade!

You and I left the parade early because Daddy was home from work and the parade was still going after 2 hours! We just had a family day the rest of the day. We hung outside for a bit, had dinner, went to target the it was bed time! You had a long day!


Friday, July 17, 2009

Dear Amelia -
You had a busy day yesterday. First you went with Aubrey in the morning and then she dropped you off at the house where Daddy and I were over our lunch break. THEN Mr Stephens and Lydia came over to watch you for the rest of the day. Once we got home, you were just waking up from a short nap. I think you are getting one of your top teeth in because 1, I felt it. 2, you are being a tad crabby. Hopefully it comes thru so you can be back to being happy all the time! 

Lydia made enchilada's for dinner, they were nummy. You went to sleep around 745 and you slept until 7 this morning. After you went to sleep, I watched Big Brother and So You Think You Can Dance where Katie and Sarah won tickets to be in the audience. So cool. I saw Sarah twice. I thought that was pretty fun.

This weekend, we aren't really doing much. Tonight, I'm going to pick you up at Glamma and Cookie's where the Carlsons are watching you. Tomorrow, we have NOTHING planned. Sunday, we are having a BBQ over at our house with the Carlsons and Bihls before the Raspberry parade! Mommy's never been so I thought this year was the perfect year to go for the first time. We can experience it together :)

See you soon!


Thursday, July 16, 2009

We miss Jackson

Dear Amelia -
I already miss Jackson so lets look at some fun pictures from the weekend.

This is such a great picture of Gram Gram
Owen is going to be such a great big brother to Colton. 

This picture is so wonderful. 

Sorry I didn't blog yesterday. It ended up being a busy day at work and I couldn't write over lunch because I had weight watchers where I received my 15 pound star! Yippie! 

Tuesday night, we went over to Gram Gram's for dinner because her cousin Butch and his wife were in town. It was fun to visit with them. 

Wednesday, we didn't do much except get ready for our visitors today! Mr Stephens and Lydia are on their way to visit you RIGHT NOW! You are with Aubrey this morning because Kiki isn't feel well (FEEL BETTER KIKI!) Then Lydia is going to watch you this afternoon! Should be a fun time.

See you over lunch!


Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Dear Amelia -
Last night we met with a lady named Laura to check out her daycare. She lives in Minnetonka near the high school Mommy went to. It would be very convient for Daddy and I as we drive right past it on our way to and from work. For now, we are only looking for Friday's for now but it could turn into maybe 3 - 4 days a week. Then Daddy wouldn't have to work weekends anymore :) I'm meeting you and Daddy over there at 2 today to check it out while all of the kids are there. 

After we met with Laura, we went home to play and have dinner. First, I tried to have you stand by yourself. You stood for less than a second by yourself but you are getting stronger every day so I bet you'll be standing by yourself in no time. Daddy put together a toy that's been sitting waiting for you to get big enough to play with. 
You love this toy! Last night, we practically had to rip your tiny little fingers off of it to feed you. 

You slept until 7am this morning! Super star!

Tonight, we are going over to Gram Gram's for dinner with the rest of the fam! 


Monday, July 13, 2009

Busy weekend!

Dear Amelia -
We had such a busy weekend. Friday, you and Daddy hung out while I went out to dinner with Molly, Kia and Sarah. We had lots of fun talking...we always do. Saturday morning, we met up with the same girls to go to a pancake breakfast for Angela who has MS. I made me so thankful for being healthy. Angela has 3 children who will have to be without their mommy for a few months while she recovers from a big surgery she's having. After the breakfast, we went over to Glamma and Cookies for a bbq with the Colehour's. Brad, Ann Marie and fam were stopping thru on the drive up from Chicago to the cabin. This was your first time meeting them. We went home to get you ready for your sleepover at Kiki's. Daddy and I dropped you off around 630 and we were off to a wedding reception. 

Sunday, Kiki dropped you off around 930 and we started another busy day. At 10, we met with a lady and her son to talk to her about daycare. She was very nice. After that, it was back to Glamma and Cookies to go out on the boat. Gram Gram, Pam and Jax joined us...
Check out those legs and that diaper.


All done on the boat

After the boat, we all went back to the house to have a little birthday party for Gram Gram.

Playing "together"

Beating up your little cousin...

Lookin cute!

We left around 630, ran to Target then finally home. We played a little bit before dinner and bed time.

You thought it was hilarious that your diaper cover up thing was on your head. Silly girl.

Tonight, we are going to meet with another day care lady.


Friday, July 10, 2009


Dear Amelia -
Last night, Daddy and I met at home, let Norman out and met you at Kiki's. You had a fabulous time over there as usual. Gigi and Kiki made us a delicious dinner. They made sure to take our diets into serious consideration which means so much to us. It was time for your dinner and bed time so we had to hurry home. 

This morning, you were a happy baby. You get to spend the day with not 1 grandma but 2! Kiki was nice enough to work from home in the morning in a pinch. The plan was I was going to but something urgent came up so I wasn't able to. I picked you up over there around 11 and then dropped you off at Glamma's office. She had to show you off for a bit. 

Here are a few pictures of you from this morning:
We have another busy weekend. Tonight, you are going to hang out with Daddy while I go to dinner with the girls. Tomorrow morning, you and I are going to go to a Pancake Breakfast with Molly and Owen. A friend of mine from High School has MS and is trying to raise money for her medical bills. THEN, you are going back to Kiki's for the night because Mommy and Daddy have a wedding reception to go to. Sunday, we are going to go check out a daycare...we have another meeting with someone else on Monday too. The weekend will be finished off by celebrating Gram Gram's birthday over at Glamma and Cookies.

See you in a few hours.


Thursday, July 9, 2009

Boring Blog

Dear Amelia -
We didn't really do much last night so I don't have anything to discuss in your blog today. Tonight we are having dinner at Kiki's. Not too much to update on. 

So...I'll just post 2 overdue pictures.

You and Norman playin

Love at 100th sight. You and Finn, 4th of July.


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Daddy's New Car

Dear Amelia -
After Mommy got done with work yesterday, I met you and Daddy to pick up Daddy's new car. Little did we know we were going to be there for 2 1/2 hours! You ate, took a nap, cried a little bit, were a busy bee. We signed all of the info and the car was OURS! 
He also talked them into throwing in 4 new tires so it'll be good as new when those bad boys are thrown in! He's very excited about it. We drove it over to Glamma and Cookies and they loved it too! 

After we got home, it was time to eat then straight to bed. No fussin and mussin last night. You went down like a champ! 

Tonight we are just going to hang out. We need to clean up the house. There are a lot more toys around now that you are moving and wanting to play more. 

I want to make a special request to your readers. Please think, pray, whatever you do for a safe return for my cousin Blake as he is going to Iraq for the 2nd time today. 


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Car Shoppin and buyin!

Dear Amelia -
Yesterday after work, we went car shopping. Your first car shopping experience. You did outstanding of course. We went to a bunch of different dealerships and fell in love with the Touraeg. There was 1 more car that Daddy wanted to test drive before we made a decision tho. We stopped by Glamma and Cookie's to say hi to Pam and Jax. You tried to play with Jackson but he doesn't like loud sounds so you made him cry. Jackson is a cry baby, cry baby, cry baby. We can tease him about that someday :) He sure is cute! 

Today over my lunch, I met you and Daddy to test drive the last car Daddy wanted to try out. Guess what? He LOVED it! Daddy talked them into throwing in 4 new tires and we said WE'LL TAKE IT! Its an Envoy. He is really excited about it! After I get done with work, we are going to go sign some papers and it should be ours shortly! YIPPIE!

Sorry no pictures today. 


Monday, July 6, 2009

Cute picture of Jax

Dear Amelia -
I meant to include this ADORABLE picture of Jackson Jude Stephens in your life jacket. This pic is too cute but you can tease him about it some day because the life jacket is PINK!

Happy Birthday Gram Gram

Dear Amelia -
Today is Gram Gram's 76th Birthday! I hope she had a fabulous time in Duluth this weekend...she deserves it. She probably even bragged about you a time or two :)

We had a fun weekend but boy did we miss Daddy. 

Thursday, I picked you up from Kiki's. You had a fun time over there as usual. Bumpa and Gigi were there. I think you even made Bumpa feel better. On our way home, we stopped at the grocery store and got some movies and some things to eat. We didn't do much Thursday night. 

Friday, we got up and hung out. Around 11, I took you over Glamma and Cookie's so I could go get my nails painted. Glamma was still at work but Cookie took some cute pictures of you while you two hung out. He'll send me the pictures hopefully today and I'll post them. You took a long nap over there so I just hung out until you woke up. Friday night, we made pumpkin bars and got packed for the cabin. 

Saturday, we woke up nice and early to make sure we had everything ready for the Millers cabin. We drove over to Glamma and Cookies around 11 and we were on the road. There were lots of people at Millers, they are so good at entertaining! All of the fun people were: Martha, Doug, Weston, Meghann, Finn, Brady, Lisa (Meghann's sister), Christy (friend of Meghann and Weston,) Taylor and his girlfriend Rachel (friend,) Taylor's Mom Pam and her husband Kevin from Arkansas. We had a great time! We hung outside all day, went on a boat ride, danced, sang. It was great. One of my favorite 4th of July's. You slept right thru the fireworks and when I came to bed at 3am, you snuggled in bed with me until 7am. I'll post some more pictures later this week.

Sunday, we left the cabin around 1230. Daddy beat us home from Billy's bachelor party. Sounds like they had a lot of fun...too much fun. It sure was nice to have Daddy home! 

Tonight we are going car shopping for Daddy. He needs a new car!


Thursday, July 2, 2009

4th of July Weekend!

Dear Amelia -
Hi Pretty girl. Its Thursday but it sure feels like a Friday. Mommy has the day off tomorrow so you and I are going to hang out all day!

Yesterday, you had a great time with Anner, Grace and Wilson. The Carlsons even came over for a bit to hang out at Anner's with you. I got a text in the middle of the day from Molly saying 
"Amelia just climbed out of her bumbo"
Guess its time to retire the bumbo after this weekend. We'll need to to feed you on Saturday at the Millers. 

Tonight, we are going to rent some movies and hang out. Daddy is leaving for the land around 3pm today. Uncle Billy is so excited about his bachelor party this weekend. He hasn't been far from Dahlgren, VA since he arrived there in December. We are going to miss Daddy and Norman lots. Tomorrow we are just going to hang out. Maybe Glamma will offer to watch you for an hour so I can go get a pedicure? Hint hint Glamma. Let me know on that one, k?

Saturday we'll go up to hang out with Finn around noon and have a slumber party up there. FUN! I can't wait. 

Sunday we will come home at a decent time to make sure we are home when Daddy and Norman arrive.

I took a picture of you this morning before Kiki came to get you. Jackson sent you this pretty dress...
See you in a few hours!


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy 8th Month Birthday!

Dear Amelia -
Yesterday was your 8th Month Birthday! 8 months of growing, laughing, crying, eating, sleeping...I can't believe you are 8 months old already! Such a special little girl.

The last few nights we've just been running errands and getting ready for Daddy to leave for Billy's bachelor party! 

You've been practicing your crawling. This video is from Saturday, you can move even faster now...

Today you are hanging over at the Moore/Grade residence because Aunty Aubrey is up at the cabin. I'm sure you are having a blast over there. Grace and Wilson I'm sure are giving you plenty of attention!