Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy Birthday Lydia!

Dear Amelia -
I promised a busy weekend and thats exactly what happened.

Saturday, we woke up early. I cleaned the house while you took a short nap. Around 9, Glamma called to have us come over to run some errands. We picked her up and first went to Highway 55 rental and rented a tent and some chairs for the dinner rehearsal. Then we took a little trip to Ridgedale. Glamma bought you a new sweater for the grooms dinner because you are wearing an adorable pink dress but it might be a little chilly. After Ridgedale we went to Target to buy a new highchair for Glamma and Cookies since they left the other one at the cabin. THEN we went to Gram Gram's for lunch with Molly and Owen. Here you are in the adorable sweatshirt that Great Grandma Sherry got you....

We ate a delish lunch and went back to Glamma and Cookie's (Cookie was in Vegas so he wasn't home) because Grace and Wilson were being dropped off for the night. Since Grace is Glamma's god daughter, we went BACK to Ridgedale to get Grace a back to school outfit. Finally we went back to Glamma's for the night. It was Pretty Katie's 30th birthday on Saturday so Mommy went to the party at Bayside. It was a blast. 

We woke up early Sunday morning. Aunty Pam came over around 11 and we did the seating arrangements for the wedding...
Once we got that done, you and I went home! Daddy got home around 430. Sarah and I were off to the fair at 5. We parked, bought our tickets to get into the State Fair and made a B line for the corn stand. As we were getting our corn, Annie called and said "Did she really cancel?" Annie wouldn't lie to me but I didn't want to believe it...we went to the Grandstand where in digital form it said "KELLY CLARKSON CANCELED DUE TO ILLNESS" So sad. I understand she's a human and she gets sick but I was very disappointed. More so that we paid to park and get in the fair, not to mention we are only getting back the face value ($40 less than we paid) and we had such awesome seats. Oh well, life goes on. The good news was I could be home to put you to bed with Daddy!

Today you are wearing a shirt from Norway that your "Norwegian Grandma" sent over to you. She said she is looking forward to having you as an exchange student some day :)
Today is Lydia's birthday! She's going to go buy herself a new dress for the wedding day! Happy Birthday Lydia!

2 more days until Colton arrives and until Uncle Billy comes home!!! 

Friday, August 28, 2009


Dear Amelia -
We think you've said your 2nd word. Daddy called me yesterday on my way home from work and said you just said "BUH-BYE!" When you leave this toy for a few minutes without pushing in buttons, it says "Bye bye!"
Daddy said you were crawling around when the voice from the toy said "Bye bye" you repeated it back "Buh-bye" and when he called me to tell me, you said it again. I tried all night to get it on video but you weren't having it. We'll try again tonight.

We've got a big weekend ahead. Tomorrow, Daddy works so you and I are just going to hang out. Then you are having a sleepover at Glamma's with Grace and Wilson. Cookie is going to Weston's bachelor party in Las Vegas so it'll be just you 4. Mommy is going to Pretty Katie's 30th birthday party. Then Sunday, Mommy and Sarah are going to KELLY CLARKSON at the State Fair...5th row seats! I can't wait. Of course I will have amazing pictures to share.

Hope you are having fun at daycare.


PS - The Colton countdown is 5 days!! :)

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Dear Amelia -
Guess who came over for dinner last night? PAM AND JAX! They came over around 530. The adults (and you snacked) had spaghetti while the two of you followed each other around. Its so cute how you two want to be near each other. If one is playing in the jumpy thing, the other is right beside them.
Jackson needed to borrow one of your bibs so Daddy picked out the girliest one possible...

After they left, we gave you your dinner and it was straight to bed for you! 

Today you are going to a meeting with Grandma Kiki at her work. She sent me an email yesterday to let me know that you were going to be passed around and have lots of people loving on you! :)


PS - Colton arrives in 6 days!! 

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

No pea's please

Dear Amelia -
Mommy had a moment of lapsed judgement last night. I wanted to give you something new for your before dinner snack. Daddy suggested real pea's. So I cooked 'em up in the microwave and then put them in the fridge so they were nice and cold for you. At 7, I took them out and put them on your highchair. You hated them. You wanted nothing to do with those pea's. So I decided to video tape you. A minute into the video, I realized that Mr Stephens' is allergic to pea's and it probably wasn't the best idea to give them to you. 

I don't know what I thought baby food pea's were any different than real pea's but last night I didn't sleep well thinking that I gave you something you could possibly be allergic too. Luckily we didn't have problems!


Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Dear Amelia -
I think someone is getting some more teeth! You have a runny nose and a little diaper rash going on. Plus you've been waking up crying in the middle of the night. Other than that, you've been a delight!

Last night, we went to Target because you were out of food and Mommy and Daddy needed some stuff as well. After that, we went home. Here's some proof of how cute you are...

Daddy had a Fantasy Football draft that he was very excited about. Notice he's on the phone, looking at a Fantasy Football Magazine AND has the computer out. DORK! This is all he will talk about until January. 

I wanted to tell you what your schedule is on a daily basis so we can look back and see how much it has changed in a few months.

You usually wake up around 630, talk to yourself in your crib for a bit then Daddy or I comes and gets you and we all snuggle in bed for a bit. 

You aren't much of a morning eater, so you have 1 thing of baby food - fruit.
Around 2 hours later, you have a bottle then its time for a short nap (less than an hour)
3 hours after the bottle, you have lunch which is a lot of oatmeal and some other people food
after that, nap time again...usually longer, around 2 hours)
Then a bottle.
Around 530, we always give you about a 6 ounce bottle to fill your tummy so you don't get too hungry before dinner. Dinner starts with you hoping in your highchair for big people food (cheese, fruit, bread, cherrios, baby cereal) around 7. 
715 - 730, I feed you a thing of baby food, veggies and oatmeal then Daddy feeds you a small bottle.
Then we go downstairs. Daddy changes your diaper and puts on your pj's while I read you a book. Then you go into your crib for the night until we do it all again :)


Monday, August 24, 2009

Let the wedding madness begin!!

Dear Amelia -
Less than 3 weeks until the big wedding! I can't wait to see you in your adorable dress! The wedding madness has begun. Thursday, Mommy went to a shower for Pam at Martha's. It was a blast. Friday morning, I dropped you off at daycare and headed to pick up Glamma for the bachelorette weekend! Before I left, I snapped this picture of you and your crazy hair!

We had a great time up at the cabin. The guest list included: Pam, Glamma, Frances, Ashley, Meghan, Lyndsey, Courtney Kramer, Brooke, Katie, Monica and erin. Friday night, we hung out. Saturday, we sat outside the majority of the day. It was beautiful! Speaking of's a picture of your aunt at the personal shower we had fun her in the afternoon on Saturday. 
She received lots of fun gifts! Saturday night we hung out at the bon fire for a bit but decided to move it inside. Mommy's alter ego, Phyllis, made about 50 prank phone calls. Some of her best ever. After a bit, Meg and I were so warm we decided to go skinny dipping. Well, Meghan skinny dipped...I chunky dunked. :) It was a great time. Everyone left by 10am Sunday while Glamma and I closed up the cabin. We were home by 3 and I couldn't wait to see you. 

When I got home, you were napping. I went in your room just to take a peek at you and accidently woke you up. You didn't mind :) 
It was Cookie's birthday yesterday so we went over for a quick visit, then back home from some family time!  

Hope you are having a fun day with Daddy!


Thursday, August 20, 2009

Baby Got Back

Dear Amelia -
There's not too much to report from yesterday except that you LOVE to dance! You shake your booty just like your momma! You go girl...I can't wait to dance with you at Billy and Pam's wedding!

Tonight, you are hanging with Daddy while I go to Pam's first wedding shower at Martha's! Tomorrow I head up to the cabin for the weekend. I will miss you so much!


Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Dear Amelia -
Yesterday was a HUGE day in Minnesota. After disappointment last month hearing that Favre was going to retire...he is now FAVRE FROM RETIRING (get it, far from retiring!) I drove past Winter Park as Favre was just arriving. There were hundreds of people outside the practice facility, even helicopters flying above. On my way back, I decided to take a little trip past. No luck seeing the big guy. BUT Martha told me he's renting a house in Bearpath. Maybe she'll call me in so I can see where he lives. 
He'll look good in Purple!

Once I got home, Daddy left to go to Awesome Uncle Aldo's game in Winona. You and I went to Target after you woke up from your nap. We picked up some stuff for salads and headed over to Glamma's to wait for Jax and Pam to come over. 

Jackson is getting tall and skinny! Instead of you beating him up, he pulled your hair. Now you two are even :)

Tonight we are off to Sam's Club to buy stuff for the big Bachelorette weekend!!


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bean Bag Tourny

Dear Amelia -
Sorry for no blog yesterday. Mommy ended up going home from work sick with that tummyache I've been having for a few weeks. We went to urgent care in the afternoon and they think I have an ulcer. They put me on some meds (that kicked in fast!) and did some blood work. I have a follow up appointment next week so hopefully they can pin down what's wrong.

Friday - Your 2nd day at daycare was fun! It was a hot day so when I came to pick you up, you were downstairs were it was a bit cooler. Laura said that you are an advanced mover for your age. Such an overachiever Amelia :) After daycare, we went home to wait for Daddy where we did nothing the rest of the night.

Saturday - Daddy worked so you and I went to Target and took naps all day. Daddy got home from work around 2, just in time to get ready for the Krugers 3rd Annual Bean Bag Tourny. Last year, you were in Mommy's tummy....
Daddy won the first 2 years but no such luck this year. Kiki was nice enough to come and pick you up so we could stay late. You guys had a fun sleepover! 

Sunday - Daddy and I took advantage of your sleepover and went to the grocery store. After we got all the groceries packed away, I went over to Glamma and Cookies to discuss the upcoming Bachelorette party this weekend for Aunty Pam! We also went to TJ Maxx and Payless Shoes where I got a super cute pair of shoes for the wedding!! 
Daddy picked you up at Kiki's in the morning and hung out for a bit. The rest of the day, we hung out and did a whole lotta nothin.

I took these pictures of you last night while you were little sleeping beauty!

Tonight, Daddy is going with Cookie to Awesome Uncle Aldo's team schrimage. Alex got a little press in the Winona Newpaper...Here's a clip but if you'd like to see the whole article, click here.
Is the quarterback situation pretty much set? (Interview with the head coach)

A: Right now Greg Preston is the guy. What the battle right now is who is going to be the next guy. Alex Nelson is doing a really, really nice job. He is another second-year player or red-shirt sophomore from Spring Valley (Minn.). He is a nice kid who does a nice job. He is smart. It is his third year in our offense, and you can play a lot better when you know what you are doing. Then we have a battle with three freshmen. We’ll see if one of those guys kind of rises to the top. All three of those guys have the capability of playing.

You and I are going over to Glamma's to see Pam and Jax! YIPPIE!!!!



Friday, August 14, 2009


Dear Amelia -

You've been working on saying "Uh-Oh!" since the cabin and you are getting so close. I think you even know what it means because when you drop food on the floor, or your paci, you say "Uh-Oh!"

Last night, Daddy picked up an extra shift and I got my hair cut so you stayed at Kiki's a little longer than usual. I picked you up around 545, we stayed and chatted for a bit then we went home. You fell asleep in the car on the way home, you must have been tired! Once we got home, you played a little and then it was time to eat and go to bed!

Daddy got home after 8 so he didn't get to see you while you were awake. He gave you extra hugs and kisses this morning!

Today is your 2nd day at Daycare. Hope you are having fun!

This weekend we really don't have too much going on except tomorrow is Krugers 3rd Annual Bean Bag Tourney. Maybe Daddy can win it for a 3rd year in a row. You are coming for a little bit then Kiki is picking you up for a sleepover!


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Baby Momma

Dear Amelia -

In 1 month from today, Billy and Pam's wedding will be over. It will be Daddy's birthday and we'll all be tired from the fun events from the day before! We are starting to buckle down last minute details for our family. Should be a blast!

Another wedding that's coming up fast is Meghann and Weston's. You won't be attending but Mommy and Daddy are going to fly down to Arizona for the weekend! I can't wait but I will miss you so much. I helped Meghann with her invites yesterday while you stayed home with Daddy. Finn was sad you weren't there.

Aunty Kiki (not to be confused with Grandma Kiki) email a picture of Mommy when she was around your age...
I can see the resemblance between the two of us in this picture. Its funny how all of a sudden you look so much more like Daddy. Its fun to watch you change and grow!

Tonight, its just me and you kid. Daddy is picking up an extra shift at work. I think we might go for a dip in Grandma Kiki's pool...its going to be HOT today!


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Big Girl

Dear Amelia -
This morning you looked different to me...
You look more like a kid than a baby. I swear, it happened right over night. I don't know if its because your face is thinning out a little bit or what. 

You are one cute kid! 

Tonight you are hangin with Daddy while I go over to Finn's house to help his momma out with invitations. I love wedding stuff!


Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Dear Amelia -
You had such a wonderful day yesterday! You and Daddy spent the afternoon at the beach with Kiki, Papa Jim, Ana and Aubrey! Looks like you had a great time! 

By the time you got home, you were TIRED. You slept until 515. When you got up, I fed you a little formula which you threw up so I had to give you a bath! 

After your bath, we tried to make you walk but you weren't interested. Then it was bed time! Today you and Daddy are just hangin at home! I'll see you after work!


Monday, August 10, 2009

First day of Daycare

Dear Amelia -
As mentioned in Friday's blog, Friday was your first day of daycare! Although it was hard dropping you off, it was so fun to pick you up! You were all smiles when you saw me. I called in the middle of the day and they said you were doing well but you didn't go down for your first nap and had to be held in order to take a nap. You only took about 1 1/2 hour nap all day. There is a little girl named Olivia there that is only 10 days older than you so you two will be able to pal around together. 

After picking you up, we went over to Glamma and Cookies to take a picture of the new waterfall in their back yard! Its beautiful and dedicated to your Great Grandpa Bob. Some of the rocks in the waterfall were taken from Lake Superior by MY Great Grandpa (Gram Gram's dad) in the 70's (thats before Mommy and Daddy were even born!) and used as the fireplace at the cabin that once belonged to Gram Gram and Great Grandpa Bob. 
Its pretty special and beautiful! It looks even prettier in person!

You and I went home shortly after that. Since Daddy was out of town, you and I just hung out the rest of the night. I put you to bed at your normal time. Around midnight, I woke up thinking someone broke into the house. I sprinted (that's like a slow walk for others) into your room and went back to my room with you where you and I slept the rest of the night together in bed. I was scared. Norman made sure we were safe! Ended up no one broke in of course!

Saturday - We went to Old Navy for a short shopping trip. Mommy's clothes are getting too big so I got myself 2 new shirts and you one new pair of pants. After Old Navy, we went home to wait for Ashley to come over for a visit. Ashley and I talked about Pam's bachelorette party. All the details are covered, now we just need to wait for the big weekend! YIPPIE! After Ashley left, we were bored. We ran to Target to buy stuff we needed and stuff we didn't need. 

Saturday night there were some bad storms after I put you to bed. SCARRRY! I set up the pack n play in my room and you slept in there for the rest of the night. Hopkins didn't even end up getting any rain, everywhere around us did tho.

Sunday - FINALLY Daddy was home from his guys weekend. He had a great time! Once he got home, I went to go get a massage! It was awesome! 

Daddy just called and said you guys are headed to the beach with Kiki, Ana, Papa Jim and Aubrey! Hope you have fun and have lots of sunscreen on!


Friday, August 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Kiki!

Dear Amelia -
I just got to work after dropping you off at daycare for the very first time. I hope you do well. I'm probably more sad than you are. I'll admit it, I cried. You've never been with a stranger before but Laura seems like a very nice person and there's lots of fun kids to play with. Here you are at home before we left for your first day.
Last night we had Grandma Kiki, Ana and Aubrey over to celebrate Kiki's birthday (which is today!) She got new dishes and cups from us and the Soukups! Daddy made chicken, asparagus and salad. It was nummy as usual. After they left, we started to do our normal night time stuff, when Daddy went down stairs to find the water had backed up in the basement! Agh, not again! (For those of you who don't know, roots grow into our pipes which makes the water back happens about twice a year and is expensive.) So we had to call Roto Rooter to come out and take care of it. We want to get you to sleep before they got to the house. Mission accomplished. You slept thru the very noisy task of getting thru all of the roots. 

I'm so glad that the water backed up last night instead of tonight because Daddy goes to Uncle Doodies cabin for GUYS WEEKEND tonight. We will miss him lots and lots. Good thing we have Norman to protect us. 

Well, I hope you are having a fun time at Laura's. I miss you.


Thursday, August 6, 2009


Dear Amelia -
Lydia sent me some pictures yesterday from when you were only 7 or so days old. You look SOOO tiny. I can't believe how much you've grown!
You and Mr Stephens 11/08
You 9 months old!
Such a big girl!

Tonight we are celebrating Grandma Kiki's birthday at our house! Ana is in town for the weekend while her parents go to Lalapalooza. We haven't seen Ana for awhile so it'll be fun to see her! 


Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Dear Amelia -
We had so much fun up at the cabin for the long weekend! While we were in the car on the way up, Molly sent me a video of you...WAVING! You haven't stopped waved since you learned how to wave. it's adorable. (Sorry, I tried to upload the video but it won't work!)

Saturday - You woke up around 630. We waited for everyone to wake up while we snuggled on the porch. After everyone was up, we went out to the grill fire pit and watched Katie make breakfast. At one point, I sat down on my chair and accidently sat on a bee. That little bee stung me right in my butt!! Didn't hurt real bad but it did sting. After breakfast, I started to feel sick so you and I took a nap and that did the trick. Daddy got up to the cabin Saturday night around 5 with Norman. After you went to bed, some of the fam went up about 4 cabins where there was a really fun band. We sang and danced. Glamma, Gram Gram and Molly stayed at the cabin with you while you slept.

Sunday - You slept until 730! Good thing too because Mommy and Daddy were tired from staying up playing games. We didn't really do all that much on Sunday. It was a little rainy so we spent some of the day inside.

Monday - We got up early and decided to head over to the wheat field to take your 9 month pictures! It was beautiful out and you were in a great mood. The pictures turned out AWESOME!!! Best ones yet! Cookie does such an amazing job. Here's my fav...check the rest out HERE.

Later on Monday, we had a picnic out on the boat. You were not diggin the boat ride, or I guess I should say your lifejacket. You cried for over a hour straight. Monday night, we bbq'd and sat around the fire. 

Tuesday - Up early. 
We started packing for home. We had so much fun at the cabin but you require a lot of stuff so we needed to pack up early. Awesome Uncle Aldo had to be back in Winona by 4 so we left the cabin around 930. Made it to Minnetonka by 1. Pretty decent timing. You were perfect in the car, no crying! 

I'll upload some more pictures from the cabin this week!