Thursday, April 30, 2009

6 Months!!!

Dear Amelia -
Today is your 6 month birthday! Happy half birthday pretty girl! I can't believe it. You went from this...
To this...
in 6 months. How the time has flown! We go to the doctor tonight at 6. I'm anxious to see how much you weigh. I think you have to get some more shots. Boo hoo. Hopefully they'll tell us more about giving you baby food! You still love your oatmeal so it'll be interesting to see how you do with baby food. Maybe we'll stop at Target on the way home and get some. 

Well, I went to weight watchers yesterday for the first time. It was exactly what I thought it was going to be. I'm very motivated about it so hopefully I can stick to it! I want to at least be the same weight I was at me and Daddy's wedding for Billy & Pam's wedding. 24 pounds to lose! I would also like to try to lose 10 pounds by May 30th for Ryan and Chelsey's wedding. 

Last night, we got some stuff organized around the house, put you to bed and watched American Idol. My boyfriend, Matt was voted off last night. I will miss him but I'm going to start voting for Kris. I like him. Not loveee like my boyfriend but I must cheer for someone.

You've been sleeping like a champ lately. To bed at 8, up around 6. 

Well...I hope you are having a fabulous half birthday with Grandma Kiki. Maybe I should start planning your first birthday party? It'll be here before we know it!


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Colton Jeffery

Dear Amelia -
Sorry for no blog yesterday, I was so busy at work I didn't have a chance to write. 

Monday -
I got a text from Molly in the morning saying they were on their way to get the ultrasound done for baby Carlson. She hoped for a boy and GUESS WHAT! They are having another boy! Yippie! I can't believe that Owen is going to be a big brother. I hope this baby is as funny as Owen. 

Meet Colton Jeffery...
I can't wait to meet him September 2nd.

When I got home for lunch on Monday, you and Daddy were hanging out. I decided to see if I could get you to sit all by yourself. Sure enough! 
It seems like you can sit for longer everytime we try. Such a big girl. I can't believe you are going to be 6 months tomorrow.

Tuesday - 
You and Daddy hung out all day. You even went for a walk. We met at Sarah's office to talk about our mortgage. She locked us in at a good rate and we are going to attempt to refinance. Its all based on how much the appraiser, who is coming on Monday, thinks our house is worth. It would save us some serious bank every month. After we got home from Sarah's, we went for a walk and watched Idol. I also did some laundry. 

Today is a big day. I am going to start weight watchers today. My first weigh in and meeting is at 12. Wish me luck! I'll need it! 

Wish I could write more, work is busy...that's a good thing!


Monday, April 27, 2009


Dear Amelia -
Well, your 2nd flight was another success. Cookie dropped us off at the airport on Friday morning about 2 hours early. We went thru security with only 1 problem, they said I didn't tell anyone about the bottled water in my bag, which I told 2 people. They tested it and didn't tell me that it was okay, just walked away and left me standing there. Oh well. We went and got some breakfast and then were on our way. We got on the plane and were seated next to a very nice woman named Sue. She helped me put my stuff away and held you for a bit, even got you to fall asleep. We arrived in Milwaukee a few minutes early. Lydia came and picked us up. 
We got to Mr Stephens & Lydia's house. I put our stuff in Rickys old room that Lydia had changed into a girly room for YOU! She borrowed a pack n play, had pink rugs, flowers and even a rocking chair because she knows you love to rock. She also borrowed a bouncy seat and a walker. Wasn't that thoughtful of her? It all came in handy! After we got all situated, we sat outside. It was so nice out. We took a walk to Lydia's Mom's house. Chatted with them for a bit and then walked back. We hung out inside for a bit where you rolled over, both directions back to front. As you might remember, you were only going front to back before. 

Lydia's sister, nephew and neice all stopped by to say hi too. We had a yummy dinner, then it was time for you to go to bed. Ricky came over to say hello right as I was putting you to sleep. You slept really well Friday night. Woke up around 4, wanted your paci and then 530 for a bottle. 

Saturday, it was a yucky rainy day. Perfect for shopping. We took Mr Stephens credit card and went to ShopKo, my first experience there. We went back to the house for a nap. You and I snuggled in bed together. When we got up, you wanted to play with the diet coke can and stuck your finger in the can and cut it. You were crying, blood was all over your outfit and mine. Poor baby. It finally stopped bleeding but you were just a bubble off the rest of the night. Not interested in your oatmeal and just wanted your bottle. You slept ok Saturday night, lots of little sounds. After you went to bed, we played some games. I rule at games. 

Sunday, another rainy day. We sat around most of the morning until we met Kathy, Perry and some of their friends at Champps. You were perfect as usual. Then back to the house to get ready to go. We played one last game and then it was off to the airport. We got thru the airport just fine. We waited to get on the plane and then once we go on the plane, we waited to get up in the air. We ended up being on the airplane for over an hour before we departed. You slept right until the plane was up in the air. You cried for only a bit. You did great once again. 

We were so happy to see Daddy when he picked us up from the airport. He was happy to see his girls too! Good thing you guys have all day to catch up!

Thanks for the fun weekend Mr Stephens & Lydia! Below are some more pictures from the weekend!
Mr Stephens being silly with your bumbo
You loved this chair. 

The walker

Mommy and Amelia. We sent this pic to Daddy telling him we missed him. 
On the airplane, happy baby! :)


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Funny Remote and Diet Coke

Dear Amelia -
We had a busy night last night. Before Daddy got home, you laughed at the remote and diet coke can and I laughed at you...

Daddy got home from work and we went on a walk. After the walk, we had dinner and I did some laundry and straightened up your room. I started packing your stuff for Milwaukee, I want to make sure I don't forget anything. You require a lot of stuff. Hats, jackets, 2 outfits for each day, pjs, formula, wipes, diapers, oatmeal, bowl, spoon, bumbo, front carrier, stroller...

Your laundry just finished as it was time for bed so you got some nice warm pjs! You weren't falling asleep very fast last night so Daddy rocked you while I watched American Idol. I'm so glad my fav was not even in the bottom 3. He can thank me for voting for him 1203980 times. 

This is how I was greeted this morning...

Its suppose to be 80 degrees today! WOO HOO! 


Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Dear Amelia -
You and Daddy had another fun filled day together. You made nummy soup, Grandma Kiki came over for lunch, you took naps, rolled over from front to back again...

I came home a little early because we made an appointment with Sarah to call to talk to us about our mortgage. Our interest rate is currently about 8% because when we bought the house, we didn't have bedrooms upstairs. All of the info goes way above my head. We added 2 bedrooms 2 years ago and with that, we can get our interest rate to 4.75% at the highest! WOO HOO. Hopefully this will all work out. Daddy and I have learned not to ever get our hopes up anymore, seems like everything with our house never happens.

Anyway, after we got off the phone with Sarah...we ate the soup Daddy made. You took a little cat nap, ate your 6 oclock bottle, played on the floor, sat in your johnny jump up...
Check out those adorable pink cheeks!
You love to pull the little bar down and play the music. The reason you don't have any pants on is because Daddy put your outfit on backwards yesterday...I took it off when I got home. You love to be pantsless. 

Then you snuggled with your mommy. After reading your book, we put you in your crib and you screamed. I tried to let you cry it out then Daddy texted me and said "She wants her mommy" Okkkk! :)

You slept until 430 this morning but you were falling asleep with the bottle in your mouth. 

After I got out of the shower this morning, I could hear you talking to yourself. I went down to get you and you greeted me with a smile. I decided you needed a special outfit today for your day with Aubrey...
LOVE IT! Thanks for the cute onesie Kia! :)


Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Dear Amelia -
Somebody found their toes yesterday...
You spent all day and all night trying to get them off of your feet. No success...thank goodness! It kept you entertained for hours. 

We had an uneventful night last night. Daddy worked at the school while you and I watched tv. We (I) tried something new for dinner. BATTER BLASTER.


Its pancake batter in a ready whip can. It was good for the most part. You have to make sure to shake the can really well otherwise it comes out really weak. The good thing about it is its not messy. Pretty dang good if I don't say so myself. You sat in your highchair while I made them and ate them.

I put you down at your normal time. I secretivily hoped you would cry so I could go in and rock you but you didn't. You slept until 615. 

Tuesdays are my favorite day of the work week. Its the night we are all home together and Daddy usually has made something delish! Tonight, homemade chicken noodle soup.


3 more days until Milwaukee

Monday, April 20, 2009

Clock work

Dear Amelia -
I'm such a bad blogger on the weekends...

Friday -
Daddy had a half day so he picked meet the Carlsons at Ridgedale and took you home. When I got home, we went outside and played for a bit while Daddy picked up Norman's #2's

You loved being outside...

You even sat by was only for seconds tho but its a start!
Daddy made steaks on the grill. We watched Slum Dog Millionaire after you went to bed. Saturday morning, you woke up at 530 and wouldn't go back to sleep. You had your first snuggle fest in Daddy and Mommy's room. We all fell asleep for a few hours. Saturday was a big day. You had a sleep over at Glamma & Cookie's while Daddy and I went to the Twins game! I was a little sad leaving you, even cried on the way home after dropping you off. I missed you so much. We had fun at the game...

We picked you up at 10ish and it sounds like you had a great time! You went to Ben's Lacrosse Game, hung out with Glamma, Cookie, Shannon, Gram Gram, Amy and Ross. 

(Ben is in the goal)

Then it was time to get ready for bed...

They said you did great over night. Only got up at 430 for your paci and then 530 to eat! Such a good baby. Hopefully you sleep that well at Mr Stephens & Lydia's next weekend.

After we picked you up on Sunday, Sarah came over and her and I went to Salad Creations. Yum. Aubrey and Doodie came over because Daddy made some beef and pork in the smoker (yuck if you ask me.) After they left, I watched Marley & Me downstairs. Cried my eyes out, its such a sad movie. Even Daddy cried when he watched it. We love Norman. 

We had a great weekend! Only a 4 day work week because we leave for Milwaukee Friday morning!


Friday, April 17, 2009

Picture Catch up

Dear Amelia -
I didn't see you for 10 hours plus hours and I missed you lots and lots. We met at the restaurant at 6pm. There were a bunch of us there...You, Daddy, Me, Grandma Kiki, Jody (Jojo), Aubrey, Sarai, Corey, Xavier and Ava. We had a great time catching up. Grandma Kiki got you a new outfit. That was nice of her. 

Your face is priceless in this picture. 

We left around 730, perfect timing. We got home and I fed you your oatmeal, then Daddy gave you your bottle. Daddy read to you last night, he never does that. I went to my room and Daddy went up stairs. You were up for a bit so I went in and rocked you. You slept until 545 this morning. 

Now, its time for some catch up pictures...

You and Daddy playing!

You love the remote...its replaced doorknob

Sleepy baby

I think you are getting close to holding your own bottle!

These are the baby bird eggs outside of Glamma & Cookie's side door. I was almost attacked by the momma bird. 


PS - Happy 5 month birthday Jax!

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Dear Amelia -
We had a fun night last night. We went for a walk, came home, had dinner, watched tv and got you ready for bed.

After we put you down, it was time for American Idol. It was the 2nd best espisode of American Idol I have ever seen in my life. #1 was when Kelly won. This was SO intense. My boyfriend, Matt was in the bottom 2. Don't worry, daddy doesn't mind if I call him my boyfriend, I usually have one every season, I get bored with them after awhile. Anyway, he was in the bottom 2 but the SAVED him! Yessss! So happy! 

Daddy set his alarm at 540 to feed you but you woke up at 535 to be fed. You fell back asleep and when I went into your room to wake you up, you were snoozin away...
I had to wake you up before Grandma Kiki got there. You were falling back asleep as I carried you upstairs. Such a little snuggiler. I had just finished getting you dressed when Grandma Kiki showed up! Perfect timing. You are hanging out with Kiki and Jojo (Jody) all day today. We are meeting at 6 to go get a bite to eat to celebrate Jody being in town. Should be fun to see Daddy's cousins. They are a blast! 


8 Days until we leave for Milwaukee!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Life is Good!

Dear Amelia -
You have made my life even better than I ever thought it would be. You are cute, happy, a good sleeper...I could go on and on. I miss you when I'm not with you and love to look at you when I am with you. 

Enough of the mushy stuff.

Daddy said you slept again most of the day. Fightin off that cold and ear infection. You are done taking the antibiotics they gave you for your ear infection so hopefully you should be ok now. When I got home from work, you and Daddy met me outside. We went on a walk, you loved it. It was the first time we didn't put you in your car seat in the stroller, just straight in the stroller with your sunscreen, hat and blanket. I could hear you cooing to yourself. By the time we got back, you were sleeping. 

We had the yummy beer can chicken with beans and potatoes. Grandma Kiki called and asked if it was okay if her and Jody stopped by. Jody is Daddys aunt that lives in Alaska. She's in town for the next few days. They were over for a bit then it was time for American Idol. My boyfriend, Matt Giraud sang one of my favorite songs of all time "Have you ever really loved a woman"

We got you ready for bed, you ate all of your oatmeal + 7 ounces of formula. You slept from 8pm to 7am this morning. I love going into your room in the morning because you are so excited to see me. You are usually in a different position than we placed you in. You move your eyes so you can see thru the crib poles. So cute.


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sleepy Baby

Dear Amelia - 
You are sleepin off that cold and ear infection. Daddy said you slept a lot yesterday. When I got home from work, you were awake but not for long. You took another nap for about an hour and then just wanted to snuggle. 
Such a little lover. We put you down at 8 and you slept until 8 this morning. 12 HOURS! Yeahhhh! Today you and Daddy are going to make Beer Can Chicken. 



Yumm...I love beer can chicken. Daddy makes the best stuff! 

He dressed you this morning in this cute outfit and sent me a picture.

I wrote him back and said "cuteee" he replied "Amelia makes anything look cute." He loves his little girl!



Monday, April 13, 2009

Ear Infection

Dear Amelia -
Right after I got done writing your blog yesterday I called the nurses line to see if there was any meds that I could give you for your cold. I told her how you were breathing more from your ribs than your tummy and she suggested I bring you in to urgent care. We were mostly ready because we were suppose to be at Krugers by 11. I grabbed you and we were off to St Louis Park. We checked in and I was going to feed you and I realized I left the formula at Glamma & Cookies. Oops, they just brought it to Krugers so it wasn't a big deal. We finally got to see the doctor and not only do you have a cold, you have an ear infection. So they gave us a prescription and we were on our way. You were just breathing harder and thats why your ribs were moving. He listened to your lungs and everything was fine. We got to Krugers a little late. I dropped you off and Grace and I went to Walgreens to get your medicine. When we got back, we had a nummy lunch while you slept...

You slept and slept until it was time to go. We ran home, got the veggie pizza and the Eastermas presents and were off to Papa Jim's to celebrate Eastermas. Grandma Kiki made this up, isn't it clever? We weren't able to celebrate Christmas this year so we merged holidays! Everyone was there...Papa Jim, Grandma Kiki, Aubrey, Doodie, Jaymi, Rodrigo, Ana and Daddy later! You got an easter basket filled with goodies and lots of Christmas presents. Here's your favorite...
You slept and slept some more at Papa Jims. You started to wake up when Daddy got must have heard his voice. We finally were home by 730, all very tired from a long weekend! 

Hope you are having fun with Daddy today! Today is Glamma & Cookie's Anniversary! Happy Anniversary G & C! 


Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hoppy Easter

Dear Amelia -
HAPPY EASTER! We have a busy day today, good thing you are napping.
Yesterday, I dropped you off at Glamma & Cookie's so they could watch you while I got my teeth whitened. I went to Ridgedale to Wow Smile Xpress because I am a big sucker. They did turn a little whiter but nothing really noticable. Disappointing. Oh well, it was $99. I picked you up but decided to stay for a nap instead. You were napping too so why not? After I got up, Daddy called to say he was on his way home. We met him home.
We meet Matt, Molly and Owen at Buffalo Wild Wings. I love that place. You were perfect as usual. We went home and I left right away to go to Target. Daddy tried to feed you but you weren't havin it. You only ate a few bites of oatmeal and then a couple of ounces of your bottle but GUESS WHAT!? You slept until 7am! Such a good little sleeper.

Your cold is worse today than it was yesterday. You cry every time I wipe your nose. I feel so bad for you.

THE EASTER BUNNY CAME (again) last night!!! He brought you 3 new outfits, some headbands and vaseline for your chapped cheeks (the ones on your face, not your butt)

We are going to the Krugers for Grade Easter at 11, then over to Papa Jim's for Dirks Easter. Mommy better get ready...


Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Cold?

Dear Amelia -

You are sitting on my lap as I type this...

(That's Daddy's hand...not mine)

Yesterday, we did girly stuff. First we went and got fitted for the bridesmaid dress for Billy & Pam's wedding. Then we were off to the Mall of America. I thought you fell asleep in the car on the way there but I was wrong. I think you really like the were awake the whole time there and stared at all of the pretty colors. You did fall asleep on the way home. You didn't sleep very long tho...only about 45 mins. Only 2 45 minute naps makes for a crabby baby...

You were so sad for awhile but then flashed your pretty smile. That always makes your crying fits worth it!

I think the combo of no sleep and you have a cold is what caused this tantrum...

Finally Daddy got home from work. We ate dinner and watched tv. You ate all of your banana oatmeal and then ate about 5 ounces of your bottle.

You woke up at 530, happy as a lark. You only ate 2 ounces and just wanted to play. I put you back in your crib where you talked to yourself for a bit. You slept until 8 this morning. We've just been hanging out all morning. I'm going to go take my half of the winnings from the College Basketball pool and go to WOW Smile Xpress, its only $100...I'm willing to try it out. I'll let you know how it goes.


Thursday, April 9, 2009

It feels like a Friday

Dear Amelia -
Last night we didn't do much. Just the usual, watch tv, play, eat. You ate a whole bowl of the banana oatmeal. You usually don't finish the whole thing but you liked it! 

Today is Thursday but Mommy doesn't have to work tomorrow so it feels like a Friday! WOO HOO! We get to spend the whole day together. Just me and you! I think we might go out to the Mall of America and walk around. We'll see. Tonight we are going to go over to Glamma's. They are finally back from Florida and want to see your cute face! 

Not much to write about today!


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Blaker!

Dear Amelia -
You are doing a few new things that I should mention...
1 - Sitting up, kind of. If you are sitting on someones lap, you can sit there without help for a few minutes. I tried to sit you on the floor but it didn't work. Soon enough...
2 - When you want to be picked up, you reach your hands out. It is sooo cute! 
3 - You are also making a lot of different sounds. You'll be screaming (happy screaming) one second and then the next you will be cooing. 

The Mr Stephens and Lydia...I mean the Easter Bunny sent you an Easter Basket earlier this week with a doll and lots of nummy candy. Thanks Easter Bunny ;)

Yesterday we took you to see the Easter Bunny...
You didn't seem to mind. Did you know that you don't have to pay to take a picture with the Easter Bunny? They will let you take 2 pictures without buying anything. SCORE! That saved $20! 

We did a little walking around but not for too long because Daddy hates shopping. After we left Ridgedale, we went to Target to pick up some necessities. Then we were homeward bound. You ate early last night, 730 and didn't have any oatmeal. I wasn't sure how you would sleep but you did well. You woke up at 530 so I fed you and you fell right back asleep. 

Today is Blake's birthday, I bet he is enjoying the day in Hawaii where he is stationed...lucky!