Saturday, February 28, 2009

4 Months!

Dear Amelia -

Well the Hopkins Girls won last night so tonight we are going to the game! It would be so cool if they won!

You went to sleep at your normal time last night and slept until 4. I fed you and then you slept until 715. You took a few naps today and we just hung out all day.

Right now you are playing in your fun little seat playing like a big girl. Grabbing and batting the toys...this is a new thing for you to do! Since there aren't 30 days in Feb, we are going to say that today you are 4 months old! I can't even believe it.

Daddy should be home from work soon then we are going to get a bite to eat then go to the game!

Tomorrow, Sarah is coming over to hang out with us for a little bit while Daddy works. Coborns is going to start delivering groceries on Sundays so he'll have to work every other Sunday now.



Friday, February 27, 2009

Let it snow!

Dear Amelia -
Boy am I glad you were home yesterday all day so you don't have to be out in all this snow! I would have been a nervous reck driving to Grandma Kiki's to pick you up yesterday. The roads are still slippery this morning. 

Sounds like you had lots of fun with Lydia yesterday. You took lots of naps and had some outfit changes...who can blame her tho, she raised two (excellent) boys so she had fun changing you into different outfits! You are never going to believe what I did yesterday when I got home from work! SHOVELED THE DRIVEWAY! Yes, I did. Daddy walked in the house and said to Mr Stephens "Did you do some shovelin?" I knew he was going to say that, I'm not even sure he really believes me. I should have had someone take a picture of me. Dang it. 

Lydia made a yummy dinner...chicken, potatoes, buns and corn. We ate and then they went back their hotel. We watched American Idol. I can't believe my fav didn't make it. Hopefully he'll make it on the wildcard! 

We put you in your crib at about 815. You cried and cried and I was going to go put your paci in and found you like this...
You worked your way out of your wedge and blanket and somehow pulled your pj's down and had one arm out of the top. It was hilarious. It didn't look like you were very tired so I rocked you for about 30 minutes until you looked like you were about to fall asleep. 

You slept until 330 this morning and I woke you up at 720 to get you ready for the day. Mr Stephens and Lydia came over to watch you for a few hours so Molly, Owen and Baby Carlson (YUP! There's another on the way in September!) could take their time getting up here. They should be getting there right about now. 

I think you three are going to go to Ridgedale today so Owen can play. I'm pretty sure you are going to meet up with Molly and Mommy's 2 friends Hammill and Kathy. 

Tonight we are just going to hang out! Woo hoo!

GO ROYALS! The Hopkins Girls Hockey Team is playing in the state tournament and is ranked #2. If they win today they play in the championship game tomorrow. If that happens, the Dirks' fam is going to go to the game! 


Thursday, February 26, 2009


Dear Amelia -
Mr Stephens & Lydia got to our house around 6 last night! They brought pizza from Papa Murphy's. It was yummy of course. You just kind of looked around checking everything out. You showed off your pretty smile until it was time to eat. Then you showed them how loud you can cry. Lydia thinks that your cry sounds like the ones they use in the movies. Again, perfect. Even your cry is perfect :)

We started to feed you around 740 and it took a bit longer than usual to feed you because your new thing is to put your hands around your bottle and mouth. Mr Stephens & Lydia left around 820 and Daddy and I put you to bed. You fell right asleep.

At 4, your respisense went off so I nudge Daddy (it was his day to wake up with you) and he went and turned it off and fed you. 

Mr Stephens dropped Lydia off at about 720 this morning because you are going to hang out with her all day today! FUN! 

The plan is for me to come home and have lunch with you guys today but we are suppose to get LOTS of snow so we'll see how the weather is before I decide.

Hope to see you soon!


Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Dear Amelia -
I missed you so much yesterday. I barely got to see you. You were a good girl for Daddy all day and night it sounds like. Maybe a little crabby but that's okay. I went to the shower for Finnegan (hi Meghann!) and bragged lots about you. On my way home, Daddy told me that uncle Doodie is sick and Aubrey was afraid you were going to get it so I was going to take the day off but you are actually over at Gram Gram's house today! You guys are going to go for a walk and just hang out. What a cool great grandma!

Everyone: Meet Doorknob, Amelia's best friend. (CORRECTION - Jackson is Amelia's best friend. Doorknob is her best friend in the state of MN)
You stare and smile at doorknob all the time. He (doorknob is masculine) is your buddy. 

Guess who's coming in town tonight?! MR STEPHENS & LYDIA! We haven't seen them since after Jackson was born so its been while. The plan is to have pizza at our house and they don't know this part but watch AI. And then tomorrow Lydia is going to babysit you while we are all at work! I bet you guys are going to have so much fun! 


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Double Whammy

Dear Amelia -
You have pink eye in your other eye now too. My poor bambina. Yesterday when I got home for my lunch visit, I noticed your eye was all red. You were sleeping so I didn't want to wake you up. Daddy said that he put some of the ointment in both eyes so hopefully it goes away very soon. 

Daddy put together your sit in play toy (I have no idea what these things are called...)
Sounds like you liked it for a little bit. When I got home from work, Daddy left for work. You were not a happy camper last night. You cried until Ali came over at about 645 but only cried once while she was there. You fell asleep for a little bit. Ali left around 745 and I let you sleep for a little bit longer while I made your bottle. You fell asleep after 6 ounces. You must have been tired because you slept until 6 this morning! That's 10 hours!!! 

I entered you in the cutest baby contest that I was telling you about. I will post your picture soon so people can vote for you! I saw Jackson on there too! You guys can tie for 1st place. 

Tonight Mommy is going to a baby shower for your soon to be friend Finnegan. He's due to arrive at the beginning of March. 


Monday, February 23, 2009

Case of the Mondays

Dear Amelia -
Sorry for no blog yesterday, Daddy brought the computer to work so I didn't get a chance to write your blog. 

Sunday -
We woke up around 830 (you only got up once over night.) I ran to the store because I wanted to make potato soup. Daddy went to work around 1030. You took a nap while I finished making the soup. I normally make delicious soup but this stuff was nasty. Bummer. 

Around 4, we went over to Glamma and Cookie's house. Pam and Jax made a short trip over. It was fun to see them. Jackson was talking up a storm. He's so funny. He even let out a few giggles and lots of smiles. He told me he was looking forward to going home tomorrow (which is today) because he missed his Daddy. We went home around 7. You must have been tired because you fell asleep right in your Mommy's arms. So cute. You ate 6 ounces and went straight to sleep. You didn't wake up until 5 this morning! Yeah Amelia! 

Today you and Daddy are going to run some erronds. 

Update on the pink eye: It is much better. We still have to put ointment in 4 times a day for 5 days. 

This picture is from Saturday after you woke up from your nap. Its kind of sad but a little tiny funny. 

Here's what it looked like Saturday night, just a little swollen. You were such a trooper!


Saturday, February 21, 2009

Pink Eye

Dear Amelia -
We had quite the day yesterday! You hung out with Molly, Matt and Owen all day while Daddy and I worked.

(Owen being funny as usual)

When I went over to Glamma's to pick you up (they watched you over there,) you had a bunch of eye boogers. I didn't really think much about it. More on that later...

Pam & Jackson made a surprise trip home! They stopped over at our house on Thursday night. You and Daddy hung out with them for a bit. Glamma didn't know that they were home yet so I wasn't able to say anything in yesterdays blog. Anyway, Pam dropped Jax off at Glamma's 515 so her and her brother could go out to dinner. We decided we wanted to surprise Glamma with Jacksons presents. We hid you in the white room for a few mins and wrapped Jackson up in your pink blanket. When Glamma got home she came over to say hi to who she thought was you. She goes "That doesn't even look like Amelia" then she got a little closer and goes "Who's baby is that?" then looked at his face and goes "IS THAT JACKSON?!" It was super funny. We hung out over there until 745.

You cried the whole way home. I called Daddy in advanced and asked him to get your bottle ready. You went straight to sleep around 830 but only slept until 145. I fed you and you slept until 645. When you woke up at 645, I noticed your eye was closed shut with eye boogs. I called Glamma and asked if she thought I should take you to the doctor, she said yes. I took you to urgent care where they said you have pink eye. They gave me this stuff to put in your eye for 5 days then it should be all gone. Its pretty gross.

(Nastyyyy! poor baby)

After the doctor, we went over to Gram Gram's house to hang out with her. We got her all set up on facebook and then she took us out to lunch! Now we are back home waiting for Daddy to get home from work. He'll be home for 2 hours then he has to go work at the school.

You are crying so I better go tend to you!



Friday, February 20, 2009

Cutest Baby Contest

Dear Amelia -
See this...

This is what you were NOT doing last night. Mommy left the house at 645 to go meet my friends at Old Chicago. You were just hanging out with Daddy. I had fun at dinner with the girls. I got home around 9. I was surprised when I didn't find Daddy in the living room, instead he was rocking you. I went down stairs where you were smiling under your passy. The smiling didn't last for long. You cried until 1030. Hungry? No. We took your temp but decided it was probably skewed from crying for so long. It wasn't over 100 so I wasn't too worried. Daddy rocked you to sleep but you woke up when he put you in your crib. You finally cried yourself to sleep around 1045. You slept until 445. 

Poor baby, poor Daddy and Mommy. That Daddy of yours sure is a great Dad. He loves you so much and is such a great help! 

Your great uncle Johnny sent me (and Pam) an email yesterday saying that Star Tribune is having a cute baby contest. Considering you are the cutest baby, we better enter you huh? We need help tho deciding which picture to enter.  

Readers: Please comment or email me and tell me which picture you think I should enter. You must hurry because the picture needs to be submitted Monday. The only thing to keep in mind is that she must be fully clothed in the picture. Otherwise I would totally enter that super cute one of Amelia and Jax in their diapies. They are looking for a cute, happy baby. DING! WINNER WINNER!

Here are the two I'm thinking about...feel free to suggest others:



Thursday, February 19, 2009

Gooo Gophers!

Dear Amelia -
You were a little crabby yesterday morning and it sounds like a little "off" yesterday during your day with Aubrey. Maybe you didn't get enough sleep? You were in a decent mood over at Glamma's last night. You snuggled with Glamma and fell asleep while Daddy and I ate dinner. We watched American Idol over there. You were really liking Daddy's sweatshirt...maybe we have a future Gopher on our hands? 
We went home around 8 to get you ready for bed. You ate 7 ounces last night and slept from 830 to 4. Pretty good. 

You were one happy girl this morning. I think you are excited to hang out with Grandma KiKi today!

Tonight, after I pick you up from Grandma's, you and Daddy are going to hang out while I go out to dinner with the girls!


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Teaser Giggle

Dear Amelia -
Guess who let out a tiny little giggle at her Mommy last night? AMELIA DID! I was holding you and pulling you near and far to my face and making a fart sound (the Stephens' love potty talk, especially toot talk) and you giggled. I teared up but didn't let Daddy see. It was soooo cute! I can't wait for you to giggle more! 
Uncle Billy sent me a hilarious video of Jackson laughing last night. He would do a little scream, then giggle, kinda like Billy use to. 

We watched WOF and AI. I started feeding you at 8 and you had 8 ounces again. In the middle of the night, the monitor got unplugged. Daddy and I woke up to you screaming in your crib at 4am. I went in your room and your respisense was going off. I picked you up to change your diaper and you wouldn't stop crying. Poor babe. You ate and I put you back down. You started crying again so I went and rocked you for a little bit. You finally settled down. 

Tonight we are going over to Glamma's for dinner! She's needs an Amelia fix.


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Johnny Jump Up

Dear Amelia -
Daddy called me at work yesterday and said "Do you want to hear a funny story?" I of course said yes! He told me how he was playing with you, he put you on his knee then all of a sudden felt this wet sensation. Yup, your potty leaked thru your diaper onto Daddy's leg. Now that's funny. 

Daddy went to work and you took a nap. I took the opportunity to clean a little bit and make myself some bean burrito's for dinner. Our drains are finally fixed so I was able to run water (dishes & laundry.) When you woke up from your nap, I thought maybe we should try to put you in your johnny jump up again...

(I know this is blurry but you were movin so fast)

You were in that silly thing for 45 minutes. After that, you took another nap while I held you during the Bachelor (can you believe he got rid of Jillian?) Around 8, I fed you 8 ounces! You were a hungry girl! I read you a book and put you to bed. You talked to yourself until 9 then fell asleep. You slept until 530. You actually didn't even wake up yourself, Daddy woke you up to feed you because your Respisense was going off. I could hear you breathing thru the monitor so I knew you were okay, it usually goes off when your diaper is too full because it can't monitor your breathing because the diaper pulls away from your belly. (Mothers or soon to be mothers, invest in one of these Respisenses...they are AWESOME!)

You sure are cute...
Tonight is American Idol! WOO HOO!

Happy 3 month birthday Jax!


Monday, February 16, 2009

Jackson Jude Stephens

Dear Amelia -
You ALMOST rolled over yesterday...

But its Monday story day so we must move on. 

Today's topic is about Jackson Jude Stephens. Your cousin. 
Here's his stats:
Born: 11/17/2008 at 3:55am
Weight: 8 pounds 9 ounces
Height: 21 1/2"
Parents: Billy & Pamela

You first met Jackson on his birthday, November 17th. You were 18 days old. 
I think you may have still been smaller than him the day he was born, even tho he was younger than you.  
He looked just like aunty Pam when she was a baby. Hopefully he'll be as pretty, I mean handsome as her some day. 
I can't wait for them to move back so you guys can be BEST FRIENDS! 
Jackson is getting bigger and bigger everyday. He has the funniest personality. He does this super funny cry where he sounds like a pterodactyl. 

Here are some of the things Jackson loves...
His mommy and daddy, farting, pooping, smiling, looking handsome, baths. Sounds pretty much like you except you hate baths.

We miss him (and his parents) everyday!


Sunday, February 15, 2009

Post Vday

Dear Amelia -

Yesterday was a fun day. We watched tv until Daddy got home from work. We decided that we wanted to go to IHOP for some french toast. We got there and Daddy decided he didn't want french toast so he got something else and I got french toast. It was yummy. Daddy had to work at the school again so it was just me and you. By 745, you were getting so sleepy...
(You were falling asleep in your bumbo)

(and we are officially asleep)

This is what Mr. Stephens always does when he's at our house, falls asleep on the couch. Must run in the family!

I put you asleep where you slept until 530! 8 1/2 hours! Yippie!

Today, Daddy and Grandpa Papi were trying to fix our drains that backed up...unsuccessful. Daddy has to work at the school at 2. We might have to go over to Glamma's to take a shower so the drains to back up more.



Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy V-Day!

Dear Amelia -

Today is your very first Valentines Day! Happy VDAY to you!

We had so much fun over at Kellee & Jason's last night!
They made this yummy pasta chicken dish that was made with Peanut Butter. It was sooo good and they even sent some home for daddy but I ate it for lunch today! Thanks Kellee, Jason and Nicol :) We had a blast!

Last night you woke up at midnight, 4 and 7. Not one of your best nights but you went back to sleep at 7 this morning and Mommy took a nap. Its around noon right now and we are both still in our pjs. Gotta love it!

Today we are just going to hang out until Daddy gets home then go get something to eat. Daddy has to work at the school tonight. Boo.

He was such a nice husband and sent mommy tulips today! I also got flowers from Sarah! I love tulips!

Hope you enjoy your first vday!


Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday the 13th

Dear Amelia -
Today is Friday the 13th! Scaryyyy. Hopefully we don't see any black cats.

Last night I picked you up at Grandma Kiki's house. You were a very happy girl from playing with Grandma all day! We went home and I tried for 45 minutes to get you to laugh like your cousin Jax (this, btw, is my new nickname for him.) No luck...

Daddy got home just in time for me to leave. I went and met Molly, Owen, Meghan and Shannon for dinner at the Olive Garden. It was de-lish! How is their dressing so delicious? After dinner, Molly and Owen came over for their usual Thursday night sleep over. You were crabby. Boo. You went to sleep at about 830. You only slept until 2am to eat then slept until I woke you up at 715. I'm about to go home to eat lunch with you guys!

(Owen took this picture of you last night)

Tonight we are going over to Kellee & Jason's to have dinner with them and Nicol. Daddy has to work tonight so he won't be joining us.


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Crabby Baby

Dear Amelia -
Good Morning! You were much happier this morning than you were last night...

You were having a hard time calming down. Nothing would help, not eating, sleeping, holding you, your chair...nothing. I took this picture because everytime you would exhale, a booger bubble would come out. It was funny, even if you were crying super hard. Missed it in the picture tho...

Cookie came over around 615 with Erberts and Gerberts. We watched WOF and American Idol. I can't believe that weird chick made it. I have some favorites already: the oil rig guy, Anne Marie and of course we have to like the Eden Prairie, MN girl!

I went downstairs at 9 (you went to bed at 8) because I had taped the Rachel Ray show. The guy whose blog I read everyday was on. It was so sad. I just sat there and cried. His wife died 27 hours after giving birth to their daughter. A charity in her name has been started that Daddy and I donate $7 to every 7th of the month. 

Here's the link if you are interested in watching:

Well, you and Daddy are going to hang out tonight while Mommy goes out to dinner with Molly, Owen, Meghan and Shannon! 


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Oh Baby!

Dear Amelia -

This picture seriously makes my heart hurt thinking about how much I love you. You looked so cute this morning when Aubrey came to pick you up. You are hugging your blankie and wearing a super cute hat that "crazy aunt S" gave you from Oh Baby! You are spoiled, thats for sure! 

Last night you didn't look as cute when you were screaming your head off. Well, that's a lie because you did look cute, you always do. You've been having some crabby nights this week. Maybe you have teeth coming in? Seems a bit early but you never know. Of course the crying had to be in the middle of American Idol. That's okay, I can always press pause. You went to sleep around 8:15 and woke up at 5am this morning! Such a good little sleeper!

Uncle Doodie took the day off to hang out with you and Aubrey today! I bet you are having a blast! 

Tonight Cookie is coming over to play with you. 


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Getting to know your parents

Dear Amelia -
It's Monday story time on Tuesday. Today will be about getting to know your parents!

How we met:
Daddy worked at Snuffy's Malt Shop and Mommy worked at Coopers Supervalu in Minnetonka. Daddy use to come down and buy ice cream for the restaurant and come thru Mommy's check out line. Mom's friend Erin was going to Prom with Daddy's (old) best friend Chad and Daddy didn't have a date...he's shy. So Erin suggested that he ask me! He did! Prom came and went. 

A few years later, Mommy's friends started hanging out at Daddy's old house. I finally went with them to a bar in St Louis Park. Mommy and Daddy's first date was 4/17/2003, we went bowling and just for the record, I bet him. 

We got engaged 6/17/2004 and were married 9/17/2005!

(this picture is silly but so are we! There was a bee and Daddy was scared of it!)

I had Daddy fill this survey out and will have others fill it out when its their turn for "Getting to know..."

Your Name: Ryan Dirks
Nick Names: RyDir 
Birthday: 9/13/80
Heritage: German (go killers...inside joke with aunty Pam) and mutt
Where were you born: Minneapolis, MN
Where did you go to High School: Minnetonka
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Food: Anything smoked
Favorite TV Show: Lost
Favorite Movie: Shawshank Redemption
Favorite Song: Wish you were here by Pink Floyd
Favorite Store: Sam's Club
Favorite Sports Team: Minnesota Vikings
Job: Deliver Groceries
Are you married: Yup
Have children: 1
Best Friend: Chitwood
Do you have any pets: 1 dog, the Nermanator
Best Vacation: Florida with the Colehours/Stephens/Kuelz/Nelson/Gloppen's
What city do you live in: Hopkins
Hobbies: Fantasy Sports, Video Games, Hunting and Fishing
Who are you more like, your mom or dad: Dad
What's your pet peeve: These surveys and bad drivers
Morning or Night person: Defiantly night
What are you allergic to: Dust, Cats, Dogs and birch trees
How do you know Amelia: She's my daughter
Does Amelia look like Ryan or Courtney: Courtney, thank god.
When did you first meet Amelia: October 30th at 8:40am

Mommy's turn...

Your Name: Courtney Anne Dirks (nee Stephens)
Nick Name: Court, Courts, CDir, Nore, Bones
Birthday: 12/2/1980
Heritage: German, Irish, Welch...
Where were you born: Minneapolis, MN (the only baby born that day in the hospital)
Where did you go to High School: Hopkins. Go Royals :)
Favorite Color: Red but lately its been Brown
Favorite Food: Chips
Favorite TV Show: American Idol
Favorite Movie: Wizard of Oz
Favorite Song: Brown Eyed Girl
Favorite Store: Target
Favorite Sports Team: Vikings or Twins
Job: Preproduction Coordinator
Are you married: Yup!
Have Children: YOU!
Best friend: Besides Daddy, Molly.
Do you have any pets: NORMAN!
Best Vacation: Europe
What city do you live in: H-O-P-K-I-N-S
Hobbies: Amelia, TV, Napping and baking
Who are you more like, your mom or dad: Just like my mom
What's your pet peeve: Rude people, people who chew with their mouths open...
Morning or night person: morning...always have been
What are you allergic to: some cats
How do you know Amelia: I'm her mom!
Does Amelia look like Ryan or Courtney: Ryan's eyes, the rest me.
Where did you first meet Amelia: October 30th, 2008

Monday, February 9, 2009

To Dahlgren, VA and back

Dear Amelia -

We have lots and lots to discuss.

Friday -

I woke you up at 4am and we were off to the airport. I was able to bring your carseat on the plane with us, you sat right next to me and Glamma sat across the isle.

You were great! You fell asleep about half way to Milwaukee. Its not a very long flight to Milwaukee. We had to switch planes to go to DC. You fell asleep again on the way to DC. You seriously did not make a sound. We got to DC, hopped in our rental car and followed the directions that I had printed from the hotel's website. We started heading north, which seemed a bit odd concedering Billy, Pam and Jackson's house is South of DC. We thought there was no way the directions could be wrong. We finally pulled over to ask someone and they confirmed our belief...we were about 60 miles out of our way. Yikes. We finally got back on track and made it to Dahlgren, VA! Uncle Billy was just pulling in the driveway and Pam & Jackson met us outside! They live in a very cute gated community. We hugged and were so excited to see them! We ordered a pizza and took pictures of you two.

Me, you and Glamma went and checked into our nasty hotel around 8 and we were all so tired!

Saturday -

We went over to Billy, Pam and Jackson's around 10am. We went to lunch at a little Mexican Resturant. You and Jackson took naps.

We dropped Glamma off at the hotel so she could get ready and we went and hung out at PB&J's house for about 2 hours until we picked Glamma back up and took a 30 min car ride to Fredericksburg, VA. It was a nice drive. Fredericksburg was adorable. There were little shops, pubs and resturants. We walked around for awhile (it was 65 degrees!) until it was time to meet Susie, Jaye and Jeff at a spot that Jeff picked out. It was so good food! Susie painted Mommy and Daddy a picture of Norman that was really neat and you and Jackson got matching onesies! It was so fun to see them and I'm so glad it worked out! We went back to Billy, Pam and Jackson's around 7ish. They had a few friends over and we ended up sleeping there.

Sunday -

Mommy didn't really feel very good and was still sleepy from the night before so Glamma got up with you while I took a nap. You watched tv with everyone and were perfect as usual. Guess what, your cousin Jackson laughed. Check out his blog to see the video! It was too cute. Now its your turn now that we are with Daddy. We had a lazy day snuggling up on the couch. Billy gave me and Glamma a tour of the base. It was pretty cool! It was 70, yes 70 degrees outside! It was so nice!

We had to leave for the airport at 4pm. We said our sad goodbyes. We are going to miss them so much. Hopefully we'll get to see them again soon!

We didn't get lost on the way back to the airport (thank goodness!) You were entertaining Glamma and I are the airport. At one point, Glamma was holding you and you spit up all over her. It was pretty funny :) We got on the airplane and you fell asleep. You didn't wake up until we got home at 12:15am! Daddy was so excited to see you! He stayed up with you and fed you.

We are happy to be home in our own beds but will miss Billy, Pam and Jax so very much! Thanks for the fun weekend everyone!

Click here to see the rest of our pictures from the weekend!



Thursday, February 5, 2009

Do you proof read your blogs?

Dear Amelia -
Your Daddy asked me last night if I proof read my blogs before I post them. I normally do but sometimes I miss stuff, RYAN! So, hopefully you and your readers don't judge me :)

I forgot to mention something cute in yesterdays blog. Tuesday, when I got home from had your hands up by your face and I pulled them down and you saw me and gave me a huge smile. It was so fun, it made my day :)

Yesterday we didn't really do much after Aubrey dropped you off. WOF and American Idol as usual. I got some stuff together for our trip to VA tomorrow. You went down about 8. Daddy watched the Gophers lose (Mr. Stephens is right, stuff happens) and I went to sleep. You woke up at 1 to eat. I wonder if you are going through a growth spurt and need to eat more? Normally you don't wake up more than once a night. You also woke up at 530. 

Tonight, Daddy is going to pick you up from Grandma Kiki's so I can get some packing done before my hair cut at 630. Glamma is picking us up at 415am! I know, its so early.  We should arrive in DC around 11 and then its an hour drive to Dahlgren, VA to the Stephens' household! Jackson's blog yesterday said that he is laughing...maybe he'll teach you a thing or two this weekend but Daddy would be sad if you let out a laugh without him there so lets save it until we get back. 

I may not be able to blog for the weekend but I'll write a big one with lots of photo's on Monday!

1 more day!


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Oh Amelia!

Dear Amelia -
Guess what you did again to Mommy yesterday? Yup, you guessed spit up all over me again. Lets not make this an everyday thing. After I changed, we got caught up on our shows...WOF, True Beauty and then it was time for American Idol. Your schedule got a little messed up yesterday so we ended up feeding you around 720. You were in your crib but 730. I haven't been feeling very well so I went to bed early too. You work up at midnight and then 5am. Needless to say, we are both tired. But you make it all worth it when you smile :)

2 more days...


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Spit up

Dear Amelia -
Today is Tuesday, you know what that means! American Idol! YESSS! I can't wait! I wish it was on everyday! 

Every Monday and Tuesday, I come home over lunch to hang out with you. Yesterday I was holding you. You let out a huge burp and I before I could even finish saying "Good burp Amelia" you had spit up all over me and yourself. Now, we are not talking just a little spit up...this was ALL over my shirt. I passed you off to Daddy and ran downstairs to throw my shirt and bra in the wash. Remember that I was only home for lunch, so I had to change my shirt. At least it made for interesting conversation at work.

Jackson sent you a package yesterday. A super cute outfit! You are going to wear it on the plane on Friday! 

Last night, you and I watched tv in between a couple of your naps. You went down for bed at 8:15 and slept until 4 this morning. I could hear Daddy talking to you over the monitor this morning...sounds like you were a happy baby. 

3 more days until we go to Virginia!


Monday, February 2, 2009

Children's Hospital

Dear Amelia -
Today is Monday story day. First we have some things to discuss with our readers.

Yesterday's blog was lame, I know. I tried to upload a super cute video of you but it didn't work. We had a busy day too. Mommy made white chili. It was SOOO good! We went over to Glamma and Cookies. You had your 3 month pictures done...

We got home after your bedtime. You went down at about 9 and slept until 6! Woo hoo! 

Ok...on to our Monday story.

9 days after you were born, you started doing these weird things with your eyes. They would dart back and forth and roll into the back of your head. I called Glamma crying to see if she would come over to catch you doing these. She came over and we decided that it was normal. I noticed you were doing them the next morning too. So I called the doctor and they told me to take you to the ER right away. I was scared and cried the whole way there. Tried calling Glamma but she was at work so I called Gram Gram. She met us at the ER. They checked you out for a little bit and decided that you better go to Childrens Hospital in Minneapolis. So, they loaded you up in an ambulance, you in the back and mommy in the front. Daddy had gotten there before we left so he and gram gram followed us there. Glamma met us at the hospital.
 We stayed in the ER there for 4 hours then finally we were transfered up to the room. You were at the hospital for 3 nights, 4 days. Daddy had to work but I stayed with you. We all did enough crying for a lifetime. It was the scariest time of my life. What ended up happening was you were drinking too fast so the formula went down the wrong tube which would make you feel uncomfortable. Poor baby. You had lots of tests done but we were certainly glad with the could have been much much worse. You stopped having "episodes" about a week later. Molly came and helped me bring you home. I was so happy to have you home and healthy!

Lets not ever go back there okay?

I did take a couple of pictures while we were there so I could show them to you someday!

4 more days before we leave to see Billy, Pam and Jackson!!!


Sunday, February 1, 2009

Superbowl Sunday!

Dear Amelia -

Today is Superbowl Sunday. A day of eating and watching tv. 2 of my favorite activites. We are going over to Glamma and Cookies. You are having your 3 month pictures taken today. I can't wait.

Last night Daddy went over to Aunty Aubrey & Uncle Doodie's house. We stayed home. We sang songs, took a bath, read a book and then it was time for bed. I put you down at 8 and you slept until 4! Yippie!!! You were tired from not getting much sleep the night before.

Time to go get your pictures taken (haha Billy, sound familar, even tho I doubt you read this...)