Monday, August 29, 2011

Baby shower, Baby Jack and State Fair BA-BY!

 Dear Amelia -
Oops, fell a little behind on the blog. I was in California last week working so the week felt so short! I saw Demi Lovato at the Corporate Apple store and asked to take my picture with her and she said no. I'm never letting this one down. What a meany.

Anyway, back to you. Last Sunday, we went over to the Liebs for Baby Paulson's baby shower! Baby P is due at the end of September. We met baby Jack (Kris and Nicks baby) for the first time. You LOVED baby Jack. You held him for 20 minutes. It was very cute.
The Liebs had a swimming pool that you enjoyed spending time in. We are looking forward to going to the Wisconsin Dells with Mr Stephens and Lydia in a few weeks! 
 This past Saturday we went to the Great Minnesota Get together! You had a blast on all of the rides!
Daddy just texted me this:
"Amelia's sticker was on the ground. Daddy 'Amelia can you pick up your sticker please?' Amelia 'Ahhhh (I can just picture the cute face you made) in a little bit'
You are a character.


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A note from your Norwegian Grandma - Bjorg!

Dear Amelia!
I 'm sorry that I haven't met you yet, but in a way I feel like I know you through all the small stories and the pictures your family post on the internet. I'm Tore's mom and I'm so happy and grateful that Tore came to your family. You are lucky to have such a nice family and a beautiful and really caring mom. I feel in the deep of my heart that your mom is a wonderful person in all ways. I'm sure you also realize that. Take care, little beauty. 
Much love from your Norwegian grandma, Bjørg

First Pedi and Mani

Dear Amelia -
While Daddy was up at Uncle Doodie's cabin this and I did lots of fun stuff.
Friday night - we skyped with Jaxy and aunty Pam. 
We woke up early on Saturday because we were bored and headed over to Glamma and Cookies to greet Sondre (aka 'Dre)
At 11, we headed to Anna Nail for your very first Mani and Pedi! You were such a good girl. You did make the girl touch up your nails a few times because you kept smudging them but they look beautiful. You love them! 

Saturday night we went out on the boat. You really like to go fast...and fake laugh.

Before Daddy came home on Sunday, we went out to lunch with Ashley, Brooke and Courtney K. 
Daddy was home around 130, we were both very happy to see him!


Friday, August 12, 2011

Tore Gloppen

Dear Amelia -
Today is the first day of Sondre's year in America. It made me think of Tore's time here in 2001/2002. When he first arrived - we thought the things he said were hilarious. Like "is that your super market?" talking about a small gas station. "Paddle fattle" instead of "Quack quack seat back." The list goes on and on. 

After Tore left in the summer of 2002 - Billy followed him back to "go to school" in Fagernes (Tore's home town)...if that's what you want to call it.

Then we didn't see our little stud muff until 2006 when we all went to Florida. My favorite memory from there was Tore singing "Piano Man" at the bar across the street from our condo. That song can instantly bring a tear to my eye.

After Florida - it was another couple of years. He and a bunch of his friends came in town for Billy and Pam's wedding. So fun. This was the first time you and Jaxy met Tore "Danger"
 3 out of the 7 men in my life. I love this pic.

Most recently we met up with Tore in Florida this year. Its always so fun to see him but always so hard to say goodbye. I cry like a baby every time. I miss him.

Can't wait to start some new memories with Sondre! We will head over to Glamma and Cookies tomorrow to hang out with him for a bit! 


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Our pretend trip to the cabin

Dear Amelia -
The plan was to go up to the cabin this weekend. We forgot we were dogsitting so that really wasn't a possibility. We just pretended like we were at the cabin anyway. That equals - no showers, no getting out of our jammies if we didn't want to, no diets. 

Saturday morning, you and I went to Lunds to pick up some stuff to make cookies. You had SO MUCH FUN helping me make them. You didn't quite understand that they were immediately ready to eat. The big bummer came when I realized I didn't put any Baking Soda in them. Dang it. 

Once Daddy got home from work - we headed out on the boat. 
I can count on my hand the number of times you've fallen asleep on me. You usually are much too busy to sit still for long enough. Saturday you were so tired, you fell asleep right on the boat. 

Sunday we were right back at it again! It was a beautiful day! 

 Such a fun weekend stay-cation!


PS - Friday Sondre comes for his year as an American Exchange student. Here is the blog Glamma has created for him!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Adrien's 1st birthday!

Dear Amelia -
This weekend was pretty low key. We didn't do anything on Friday night or Saturday. Sunday was a bit busier. 
We went and visited Great Grandma Carmen who moved into a nursing home a few months ago. I was surprised to see how skinny she has gotten. 
 She let you jump on her bed and point to every picture and ask to see it. Grandma decided out visit was over and said "I'm going to go now" and we left.

We had Adriens first birthday party in Lake City, MN at a beach. It was such a fun date celebrating Adrien!