Friday, August 27, 2010

Boyz II Men

Dear Amelia -
Kellee scolded me yesterday for not updating your blog. Oops.

We have been listening to Boyz II men all week in preparation for the FREE concert at the Minnesota State Fair! You loved dancing to Motown Philly!
After work yesterday, you and Daddy headed up to Aubby and Doodies house for dinner with Kiki, Jaymi, Ana and Adrien. While you guys did that, I headed to Kellee's to meet up with her, Nicol and some other fun gals! We headed to the fair and waited for the concert to start. It was a blast and I hope they come back for another free concert sometime soon!
We don't have many plans this weekend. Daddy has to work tomorrow. Sunday, we are going to a picnic at Upper Lake to see Finn before they head back to Arizona for the Fall.


Monday, August 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Cookie!

Dear Amelia -
Here's what we did this weekend...
Saturday, we cleaned the house. We haven't been home the last few weeks so it needed a good cleaning. Then you took a nap before baby Dani, Erin and her sister Lauren came over. You were so nice with baby Dani.
Mommy enjoyed holding her! Dani's mommy and I have been friends since Junior High!
After they left, you carried your baby around the rest of the day and pretended to take naps.
We made the "Anne Frank" room into a completely kid proof play area! Its a little crammed now until you get into a big girl bed and we can move the twin bed out of there but it does the trick. You love it in there.
Saturday night, your presence was requested at Glamma and Cookies. We dropped you off at 5. The Wandlings came over for dinner and you loved hangin with the Wandling boys, Ryan and Chris.

We picked you up Sunday morning and you came home and gave Norman lots and lots of hugs.
Then it was time to watch a lil Vikings football and the Twins!

This morning before I went to work, you wished Cookie a Happy Birthday!



Wednesday, August 18, 2010

PB&J's trip to MN!

Dear Amelia -
I've been a bad blogger. Things have been crazy at work! Speaking of work...Daddy got a new job! Yay! He's going back to FedEx starting next Tuesday. He will work Tuesday - Saturday and start realllly early at 6am but that just means he gets back to us sooner!

Billy, Pam and Jaxy landed in Minneapolis last Wednesday morning. Daddy took you to daycare so I could pick them up at the airport. It was so fun to see them! You and Jaxy love to play together. We make you do cute things like kiss and hug.
Then you two do your own thing, like run around.

Friday was the big party! Mr Stephens came in town. There were lots of people at the house and we had a great time!

Saturday, we were very tired so we just hung out at home until the Vikings Game started. Then it was back to Glamma and Cookies to watch some sports.

Sunday, we we straight home in the morning. Daddy had to work so you and I hung out in our jammies all day.

I tried to get you to sing the ABC's with me but you weren't interested. In this video, you told me to "shhhh" and "stop it". You are starting to talk so much now.

We stopped by to say bye bye to Billy, Pam and Jaxy last night. You didn't want Jaxy to leave...


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Family Reunion!

Dear Amelia -
When was excited to go to our family reunion last week...people didn't believe me. Our family is fun. We got to the house that we rented around 6ish. It had a beautiful view!
We waited for Glamma to arrive then headed over to the Amundsens for the par-tay to begin!

The party lasted until midnight-ish. We were thinkin ahead when we brought your pack-n-play to set up to put you to bed.

Saturday morning we woke up bright and early. While Cookie went golfing, Glamma took us out to breakfast. It was YUMMY! After breakfast, we went back to the house for naps. Before nap time, you put together your first full sentence. "Mommy go nini?" Adorbs.

Around 2, we headed out to watch people play tennis at Margee's tennis club. Then it was off to celebrate over 119 years of Daugherty's! There was a photo booth set up and we took full advantage of it!
You with Jane and Wyatt
The whole gang!
The Grades!

The count down is on until the next one in 5 years! You'll be almost 7 by then, woah.

Tomorrow morning, Billy, Pam and Jaxy come in town! I'm going to pick them up at the airport! YIPPIE!


Friday, August 6, 2010


Dear Amelia -
Mommy has been a hot mess today. I woke up with a nervous tummyache thinking about how close Uncle Billy was to being home. Then I laid in bed crying thinking about him actually being home. A good cry of course, I'm just so excited that he is home with Pam and Jackson. Pam was such a trooper being in a state without any friends or family or her husband. I could have never done what she did.

His ship arrived in Norfolk, VA shortly after 830am. I cried every time Pam would post a picture on Facebook. I wish I could have been there.
Pam said Jaxy is being shy around his Daddy but isn't scared of him or anything.


See this?
YOU WENT POTTY IN YOUR POTTY CHAIR YESTERDAY! After peeing on the kitchen floor a tiny bit. We were very excited! Such a big girl!

We have a BIG weekend ahead. I'm so excited I can hardly even stand myself. DAUGHERTY FAMILY REUNION TIME! YAY! You and Daddy are picking me up at work at 3pm and we are heading to Duluth! Fun! I can't wait to see you and Jane play together, you are only a month apart!


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Pedal Pub!

Dear Amelia -
Last night, Mommy wasn't quite finished working yet so I picked you up at daycare by 5, then we headed back to work for a bit. You had fun.
After work, we ditched out on the "National Night Out" and just hung out!

On the way to work/daycare this were very busy reading...

Tonight, you are spending sometime with Great Aunty Amy and Great Uncle Ross while Mommy and Daddy have some fun times on the Pedal Pub! I can't wait!

The countdown for Uncle Billy is 2 days..even less than that. His ship is scheduled to dock at 830am! I hope he calls us to say hello!


Monday, August 2, 2010

Adrien Alexandre

Dear Amelia -
This weekend ended up being eventful. Friday night you woke up at 12am throwing up. Poor babe. You woke up in a fine mood tho.

Around 10am, we started to head down to Winona to meet baby Adrien. He's so tiny! The whole fam is doing well!
On the way home, you threw up again. That wasn't a fun clean up in the car. When we got home, you took a bath and were back to yourself. You even tried to go potty in your big girl potty chair. No potty but you like to sit on the chair!
Sunday morning we went to Target while Daddy worked. When we went to check out, they told me my check card had been declined. When we got home, I called Wells Fargo to see what the problem was. They told me someone had tried to charge $4200 to QVC. Luckily only $2 to another store went thru. I canceled the card. Phew.