Sunday, February 27, 2011

An article about Lydia!

Dear Amelia -
On Friday, we went to dinner at Bearpath for free! Daddy and I had our wedding reception here so it has a special meaning to us! Sarah and Justin joined us.
When we got home, you stayed up for a little bit then we put you down for bed. About an hour later, you woke up screaming. When Daddy went to check on you, he found you had thrown up. Poor baby. I took you up for a bath while Daddy cleaned off your bed. After your bath, you didn't want to go to bed. So Daddy rocked you, until you threw up again. After that, we decided to have you sleep in our bed for the very first time.

I woke up at 4am to find you the opposite way you were when you fell asleep.

You woke up at 730 and are completely back to normal.

Yesterday, Ricky posted this article about Lydia buying a new bar! Pretty cool (except the typo of her number of children!)


In Bars & Clubs

New owner Sackett plans few changes for Slim's

Published Feb. 25, 2011 at 3:10 p.m.
Linda Sackett bought Slim's earlier this month.
Skinny Girl

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Linda Sackett spent 12 years at the old Brown Bottle Pub before switching gears and landing a job at Potawatomi Casino. It was a good job, one which allowed her to spend time with her three children.

All that time, though, she felt the itch to get back in the game and last year, started looking for a new challenge, a place of her own.

Independence First

Little did she know her search wouldn't take too long. She was talking to bar owner Slim McGinn after working his popular State Fair stand about any potential opportunities when he suggested his bar, 338 S. 1st St., might be available.

"I had no idea," Sackett says. "I told him I was looking around at a couple places and he said 'well, as a matter of fact...'

"As soon as he told me he was trying to sell (the bar), I thought it would be a perfect fit."

She took over ownership about a week ago but doesn't plan a lot of changes. Slim's had been a successful operation for more than 15 years, building up a loyal customer base.

"There's nothing broken here," Sackett says. "You don't need to fix something that's not broken"

The biggest changes will be cosmetic. Sackett says a but of a facelift is about the only upgrade the bar needs and she hopes to make the place "lighter and brighter."

The menu will remain, for the most part, the same though Sackett does plan to do a little bit of tweaking with a couple of new menu items but the focus will still be on appetizers and sandwhiches.

"A few things are going to change because I want to make it my menu," Sackett says. "But all the things that make it an Irish pub will still be there."

The popular "Slimosuines" were not included in the sale, though Sackett does plan to continue offering shuttle service to and from Bradley Center events and Summerfest.

Of course, there's also the name. The "Slim's" moniker will be retired after St. Patrick's Day -- the bar will be renamed "O'Lydia's," allowing Sackett to maintain the bar's heavy presence on the big day.

"Monday morning, the new name will go up," she says.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Tangled - Your first movie theater experience

Dear Amelia -
We took you to your first movie at a theater. Tangled. It was adorable.

You were such a good girl during the movie. You didn't really understand that you are suppose to be quiet during movies but that's okay. You are two.


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Children's Museum

Dear Amelia -
While I was in Florida, you spent Friday night and Saturday during the day with Glamma and Cookie. They took you to your first trip to the Children's Museum.

You played with bubbles...
Decided what you wanted to be when you grow up...
A Firewoman?
A cashier at a grocery store? (I was one when I was 16)
Maybe Broadway bound?
Lets not have you grow up too fast, you are an adorable kid...
If none of the above work out, there is always modeling...
I sure missed you this weekend. Daddy was kind enough to keep you late on Sunday night so I could get a quick squeeze before you went to bed.

Yesterday was Valentines day, we got you a recordable book about a Princess. Perfect.


Thursday, February 10, 2011


Dear Amelia -
You made my day this morning. I could hear you talking to yourself in your crib. I was completely dressed, ready for work in the new dress I bought. I walked it, turned on the light and you said "Ohhh pretty Mommy, Princess?"

More like Queen and you are my princess but it made my day. Even when I picked you up at daycare you pointed to my dress and said "princess?"

You are adorable.

I'm off to Florida for the weekend to take my bosses daughter to a horse show. I will miss you this weekend.


Monday, February 7, 2011

Xavier William Jaglo

Dear Amelia -
On Thursday morning, I got quite the surprise texted to me. 31 week pregnant Kellee Jaglo sent a text picture of a baby boy. Her baby boy who was born 9 weeks early!!! 9 WEEKS! On Saturday, I visited him. He is SO tiny and SO cute. His parents are so positive and full of love.

His parents are allowed to put their hands in the incubator to touch him but others can only look. He did not want to let go of his Dad's hand.
Baby Xav has to stay in the hospital until he gets a little bigger. I can't wait to hold him.

While Mommy and Daddy went to Kelly's wedding,
You had a sleepover at Glamma and Cookies with Mac and Maggie. We picked you up in the morning and headed home until it was time to go to Sarah and Justins for the Superbowl!
The Packers won (boooo!) but I bet Lydia's new bar did well!!!