Friday, October 30, 2009


Dear Amelia -
HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRETTY GIRL! I can't believe you are ONE!! Both Daddy and I woke you up together this morning. You were already up, playing in your crib. I cried while we gave you extra kisses and hugs.
After we picked out an outfit, we went up stairs where there was a muffin waiting for you at your highchair. You wanted to eat it and got very mad until I put it in bite size pieces.

Here you are being a little shy.
You are at Laura's today for the big day. She had a special necklace waiting for you when we got there. I'm leaving work early to come and pick you up!

Tonight - Kiki, Papa Jim, Glamma and Cookie are coming over for dinner. Mr Stephens & Lydia will be there in spirit.

Tomorrow - Your first Halloween!!! You are going to be a puppy!!

Sunday - YOUR BIRTHDAY PARTY and the VIKINGS vs the Packers.

Fun weekend ahead!


Thursday, October 29, 2009

This time last year

Dear Amelia -
At this time last year. I was sitting in the hospital, no pain. Waiting for you to join the world! I was thinking my baby would be born on 10/29 since my water broke at 6:30am but nooo...someone wanted to make an ENTRANCE! That you did! You are so special. I can't believe tomorrow is your first birthday.
Last night, we went to Target to get stuff for your birthday party. We picked up your present. You will find out tomorrow what it is.

Tonight, we are going to Sam's Club to pick up more stuff for your birthday party. We have to feed all 55 people attending! :)


PS - Keep voting people!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Stinky Shoe

Dear Amelia -
Yesterday in the car on the way home from daycare. I got you to do "Stinky Shoe" on cue but you weren't having it this morning. This is a tradition that I will pass down to you. I did it as a kid. My uncles still talk about how adorable it was.

Here you are NOT doing stinky shoe.
Last night, we went to Sam's Club because I had to measure something there for work. We looked around for what we needed to get for your birthday party Sunday. Its going to be such fun! Then we went home where you had a rough night. You woke up at 1130 crying and had a hard time falling asleep. I think its your cold.

Tonight, we are going to Target to buy stuff for the party Sunday!!

KEEP VOTING PEOPLE!! Amelia is winning by less than 1%


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

We're BACK!

Dear Amelia -
We had so much fun in Arizona while you had a great time with Kiki!! Kiki updated us with pictures EVERY day! Thank goodness. It made missing you a little easier!

Here you are Thursday night getting ready for bed!

Here is Mommy at the cowboy bar on Thursday night! It was a blast! I took this picture to send to Aunty Pam to show her my outfit! I have to admit that my outfit was the cutest.

Friday - Kiki took off work to spend the day with you. You guys had to get ready to go to Nisswa to see Gigi and Bumpa! While we went to Millers gigantic house in the mountains of AZ!

Saturday - We layed by the pool allll day while you celebrated an early Thanksgiving (my favorite holiday) in Hill City.
SO BIG with Xavier, Ava and YOU!

Finally it was time for the BIG wedding we all had been waiting for. We took the bus back up the mountain to where the ceremony was. It was so beautiful!
The ceremony was prefect for Meghann and Weston! Your boyfriend, Finn looked adorable.

Here are the "kids" saving a spot for Billy and Alex. We missed them lots and lots.

While we danced the night fed Gigi.

Sunday - We left for the airport around 2pm because we had a 415pm flight. At 730, they canceled our flight so we had to spend one more day without you!!!

Monday - Kiki picked us up at the airport with a sleepy baby in the backseat. You heard my voice and woke up and even though you were SO tired, you gave us a huge smile. Then stared at me the rest of the way home.

We missed you so much! You changed over the last 5 days. You babble a little differently with new letters. You also stood for 30 seconds without holding on to anything!

I had to go into work for a few hours while you played with Daddy. Then it was off to Target to pick up a few things.
This is your new favorite way to sit in the cart.

You weren't able to fall asleep last night. I think you were a little off your schedule so you didn't fall asleep until after 9. Or maybe its because you wanted both Daddy and I to rock you to sleep. We were happy to!

Cutest baby contest - You made it the next round!!! You are now in the top 8 of your age range! GOOOO AMELIA!


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I can't believe I forgot...

Dear Amelia -
I entered you in KDWB's cutest baby contest. You made the top 16 babies in your age range. Yes, I'm totally one of those moms ;)

Please vote for Amelia! :)



Dear Amelia -
This will be the last blog of the week since Daddy and I will be traveling to Arizona tomorrow!!! I can't wait but we will miss you SO much. Sounds like you have a fun weekend planned with Kiki. She is taking Friday off so no daycare for you. Saturday, you are going up to Hill City for a pre-Thanksgiving! My favorite holiday.

Here you are being adorable last night during dinner.
And here you are this morning with your hilarious outfit on. You got this shirt from Aunty Aubrey and Uncle Doodie. It says "EAT DIRT". How adorable are those shoes?
We are going to miss you SO SO SO MUCH!! Have a great weekend.


Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Dear Amelia -
I can't believe you are going to be 1 in 10 days!!! Today is your friend Olivia's 1st birthday. You are at Daycare with her today to celebrate! Daddy is going to start working every other Tuesday so he can spend every other Sunday with us! YIPPIE!! I'm not sure if the choice was more for us or football. Hehe. Kidding of course.

Daddy emailed me some funny pictures of you yesterday. He titled them "DIVA"

Here's a cute picture from Kellee's shower. AND, here's a hilarious video of the bird in the house.
Tonight we will be packing more for our time away from home. I need to pack a lot of stuff for you and I don't want to forget ANYTHING! You are going to have such a fun time with Kiki!!


Monday, October 19, 2009

Another Tooth!!

Dear Amelia -
We have lots of pictures to catch up on.
Mid-crabby ride at the Apple Orchard/Pumpkin Patch last weekend.
After you warmed up, you were being adorable for a mini photo shoot.

We had a great weekend. Friday night, we went over to Sarah and Justin's to see the updates they've done on the house. It looks great over there!!! Then we went home and just hung out.

Saturday. We didn't do much in the morning. At 1pm, we went over to Kia's so Mommy could get her hair cut. You played with Teegan and Sarah while Kia cut my hair. Then it was back home for a nap! Daddy got home around 4. We went to Eden Prairie Mall to get Daddy a new pair of jeans and I got a little skirt for $5 that goes with my swim suit! At 7pm, I went over to Kia's to hang out with the girls. Jason was out of town for the weekend so we all thought we'd go over there and give her a hand. Teegan ended up getting sick so it was a good thing we were there to help!

Sunday. VIKINGS FOOTBALL DAY! We intended to go to Church on Sunday but that didn't end up happening. Instead, I packed for Daddy and I's trip to ARIZONA! We don't leave until Thursday but I love to pack early to make sure I have everything. Around 11, we went over to Glamma and Cookie's to watch the Vikings game. Jax was over there already...
The Vikings pulled out another win! They are undefeated.

You two wore your matching Winona State Jersey's to have a fall photo shoot.
LUNCH TIME! Shortly after this adorable picture was taken, Jackson accidently pushed the table over and you bonked your head.

Remember when you use to beat him up?


Here you are trying to drink you bottle with your paci in!

Here's a video of you being a DIVA!!

Daddy just called a bit ago to say one of your top teeth broke thru! YEAH!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Kellee's shower

Dear Amelia -
I hope you had a fun day at Grandma Kiki's house. You always do! Kiki had some friends over - Peggy and Rocco for dinner so Kiki requested you stay a bit later to meet them. I went to High School with their kids. They bought you an adorable outfit! Daddy said you were well behaved while I was at Kellee's shower. 

We had a lot of fun at the shower. In attendence were: The Bride aka Kellee, Nicol, their Mom, their Aunt, Trishy, Glamma, Gram Gram, Anner, Amy, Katie, Kris - Kellee's future Mother in Law, Pam and Jax. Kellee's got lots of awesome gifts. After most of the people left, I was helping Nicol and Kellee bring out the gifts to the car. We left the front door open and a bird got into the house. It was one of the funniest things I've ever seen in my life. The bird finally flew out the front door after they (I laid on the floor laughing and screaming) shooed it away.
Nicol took much better pictures but here are mine...

See the birdy up in the top of the ceiling? Poor thing.

Here you are on the way to daycare this morning. 
This weekend, we don't have much going on. Tonight, we are going to swing by Justin and Sarah's to see the changes they've made in the house. Tomorrow, Sarah is going to watch you for a bit while Kia cuts Mommy's hair.

Sunday, we are going to go try out a new church the make it home in time for the Vikings game!!


Thursday, October 15, 2009


Dear Amelia -
You are so adorable. Here's proof:
This morning, eating breakfast.
Yummm, peaches and bread. 
You came to Mommy's work for a little bit this morning
My little helper.

Last night, we didn't do much. We did our budget and you went to bed early. I watched my new favorite show GLEE. I love love love that show. There are great one liners in it. 

You are being such a great sleeper. You fell asleep last night a little after 7pm. Daddy had to WAKE you up at 7am this morning. You do wake up around midnight crying but you usually fall back to sleep yourself. My precious "baby".

Tonight, Mommy is going to a BRIDAL SHOWER for Kellee. I have to break the news to Glamma and Kellee over blog that you aren't coming tonight. It will be a lot more relaxing for Mommy if you stay home with Daddy. You'll be missed tho :) Looking forward to tonight ladies!!


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

More Contests

Dear Amelia -
Aren't you lucky that you get to stay home with Daddy 2 days a week. Yesterday, you just hung out and had Grandma Kiki over for lunch. Daddy made chili and it was delish! 

I entered you in 2 cutest baby contests today. 1 - Gap is having a contest. 2 - KDWB. I'll post the links when its time to vote. In both of the contests, I put the picture of you and Norman. Its my very very fav. 

You are at Laura's today. Aubrey wasn't able to watch you so Laura has saved the day once again and taken you in! You like it over there! 



Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Video for Mr Stephens

Dear Amelia -
Daddy called yesterday saying that you learned a new trick. He had you on his lap with a piece of bread. You took a little chunk off and fed it to Daddy, like we feed it to you. Apparently you thought it was hilarious. Here you are feeding Mommy your very soggy cherrios...

Last night, Daddy helped Papa Jim bring over the treadmill to Grandma Kiki's house. They had dinner over there so you and I went shopping!! Momma needs a new dress for Meghann and Westons wedding. We went to Southdale and had no luck. We did however see Jason Castro from the 7th season of American Idol. He was playing a free show there. Decent.

As we were shopping, I realized I had a dress in my closet that hasn't fit since 2007 that would be perfect for the wedding. SCORE!! No more shopping. I hate to shop...although, I'll admit its a lot easier now that I've lost weight.

Today is your Great Aunt (haha, that sounds funny) Katie's birthday. Happy Birthday Katie!!


Monday, October 12, 2009

Apple Orchard and so much more

Dear Amelia -
We had a fun weekend once again! Friday night, Papa Jim came over to watch the Twins game and to have some chili. 

Saturday, you slept until 730!! Then we were off to the Apple Orchard with Glamma and Cookie. We met up with The Carlsons and The Grade/Moore's. 
This picture pretty much sums up your experience at the orchard. You were NOT having the cold weather! It snowed for the first time Saturday morning...BRR!!
We didn't stay at the orchard too long. Then it was back to Glamma and Cookies. We did get a super cute picture of you sitting on a thing of hay. That pic to come. 

Jackson came over in the afternoon to play. You guys had another slumber party! Two weekends in a row. 

It was pretty loud in the house...Jax doesn't really like too much noise. 
Mommy, Aunty Pam and her brother Jon went to a dress up party at Meghans. We had to dress like we were from the 50s. It was a blast. Daddy stayed home because he had to work Sunday. 
Sunday, we hung around Glamma and Cookies to watch the game. They had people over because they are Maggie Colehour's god parents so they hosted a party after her baptism. You had a lot of fun "playing" darts.
We went home after the Vikings VICTORY and hung out for the rest of the day. Finally Daddy got home around 530! We just hung around and watched the Twins lose :( They tried! That was the last game in the Metrodome for the Twins! Here we come new OUTDOOR stadium next season!

Here's a video of Owen dancing. He is hilarious! I'm going to send this into Ellen!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Amelia, I like playing with you!

Dear Amelia -
Glamma sent over some pictures from your sleepover. 
Glamma titled this one:
Cousins "drinking" together. 
Kellee had a great idea that this should be the invite to your 21st birthdays.

This picture is from your afternoon with Gram Gram. You must have been very tired!!

Daddy worked a triple yesterday so you and I just hung out for the night. We made white chicken chili to bring to Kia's tonight. She's still recovering from having Brecken. You were fast asleep by the time Daddy got home from work. 

Mr Stephens requested a video of you this week. I took one last night but forgot to upload it before I left for work. I'll get it posted Monday. 

Mr Stephens and Lydia got you the neatest CD for your first birthday. It sings songs directly to you! One of the songs was "Amelia, I like playing with you!" Its a really cool cd and I listened to it even after I dropped you off at daycare :) hehe.

Tonight, Papa Jim is coming over to watch the Twins Game. Tomorrow, we are meeting Molly, Owen, Colton, Glamma, Cookie, Pam, Jax, Anner, Grace and Wilson at the Apple Orchard/Pumpkin Patch! I'm so excited. Then Saturday night, you are going to hang with Daddy while Pam and I go to a dress up party at Meghans. The theme is "Casablanca Couture." Should be fun. Sunday, a whole lotta nothin goin on!


Thursday, October 8, 2009

Big Girl Car seat!

Dear Amelia -
Good morning pretty girl! Last night, Mommy and Daddy accidently slept with your monitor on super low so I hope you didn't wake up crying in the middle of the night! I woke up a bit before my alarm went off. I thought to myself how quiet you were, then I started to get worried. You were fine, just talkin to yourself.

Your big girl car seat came in the mail yesterday. Here you are in Mommy's car like a big girl. 
One you turn 1, there will be lots of changes. No more facing backwards in the car. No more formula and no more calling you a baby. Lydia asked if we need to start calling you a TODDLER soon. I suppose the answer would be yes. 

Today you are with Aunty Aubrey again today. Grandma Kiki is sick. Feel better soon!


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Twins Win! Twins Win!

Dear Amelia -
Daddy and Mommy had sooo much fun at the game last night! 
The Twins won in 12 innings! It was awesome!!! 
Everyone I know that went, said it was the best game they've ever been to!! It was awesome. The crowd was PUMPED the whole time!!
Now its time to beat those Yankee's!!!

Today is your aunt Jaymi's birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JAYMI!