Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas 2011

Dear Amelia -
Christmas got an early kick off with Pam and Jaxy's arrival on Wednesday! You guys have TOO much fun together...

On Christmas Eve, we decided to cancel our plans and stay home. I'm sure glad we did because it was the only time the 3 of us had together. You opened 2 gifts - jammies and a movie. While I prepared the pies and monkey bread...you and Daddy watched the movie! Then it was time for you to go to bed so Santa could do his work!
You were so excited to see what Santa brought you in the morning. He got you a toy chest with DRESS UP CLOTHES! You loved it and tried on everything that was in the chest.
We headed over to Kiki's at 9am to hang with them for awhile. Kiki got you some new skates that go along perfectly with the skating lessons that Glamma and Cookie got you! Yay! 
At 3, we headed over to a packed house at Glamma and Cookies. Santa arrived around 4 and gave you one more present until next year! Around bed time, we talked you and Jaxy (along with Owen and Mac) into watching a movie on Glamma and Cookies bed. 
You were both overstimulated the next morning when we opened presents. You took a nap by 11am and were back to yourself, Thank goodness! 
We headed to Fort Snelling for an annual party we have with Glamma's friends. You and Jaxy love eachother SO much...its adorable. 
Its weird to think that next year, your little brother will be there to join us! Fun! 3 more months!


Monday, December 19, 2011

Dancin', Puppies and Princesses

Dear Amelia -
On Saturday, you had an informal Dance Rehearsal. Glamma, Cookie and Aldo joined us for the special dance class. I actually caught the only dance moves you did on video. Other than this, you just looked around and smiled. Adorable but not ideal :) 

After dance, we went over to the Mayer's to meet their new puppy, Brody. He is SO cute. 
 Later that night, I had a get together with Brooke, Ashley and Courtney K to celebrate Brooke's upcoming wedding to Greg. We had so much fun. Ashley surprised you with an AWESOME gift! Every single Disney Princess! You love them!
Yesterday we had Dirks' Christmas. We are so thankful that Grandpa Dirks' has recovered from his heart attack at the beginning of November so he could join us. They are such a special couple.

Let Christmas week begin!

OH AND...there is another new baby in the family! Bjorna and Kevin had baby Margit on Saturday! Congrats :)


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Santa 2011

Dear Amelia -
We had such a busy day on Saturday. First we started with Dance Class and then headed to my company's annual Christmas party. 

First we took some pictures by our Tree. You were hammin it up.

 We got the party at noon and the big guy showed up around 1. You were grinning ear to ear when he arrived and couldn't wait to sit on his lap!!

After PD's party, we went to Aubby and Doody's house to celebrate Christmas with Papa Jim. You had so much fun playing.

On Sunday, you and Daddy headed back over to the Soukups while I rested. I needed to rest so it was nice that Daddy allowed me to stay home.

Such a fun weekend celebrating Christmas!


PS - I passed my glucose test. YES!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Bump Date: Week 24

Dear Amelia -
Due Date: March 29, 2012

Weight Gain: 3 lbs - Lost one last week. Hmmm.

Symptoms: Too. Much. Crying. Must. Stop. 

What's different this time: Chasing after a 3 year old, that didn't happen last time.

Cravings: Oranges!

Aversions: Meat

Sleep: Good, except the 3-4 times getting up to go potty!

I am loving: the Christmas Spirit!

I miss: Beer.

I'm spazzing about: My BP. Had a melt down this weekend but I called the doctor in the morning and she said she was not concerned.

Best thing about this week: This baby is going crazy in my tum.

I am looking forward to: 3 Christmas parties on Saturday!

Milestones:   Baby is the size of a Ear of Corn

Movement: YUP!

It's a...: B-O-Y

Exercise: Walking up the stairs at work - those things are BRUTAL!

Diet: Food.

Exercise goal for the upcoming week: hahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

Other goals:  Watchin' the salt intake. Pass that glucose test on Monday! Oy!

Belly Pic: See Monday.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Tree Shopping and Kelly Clarkson

Dear Amelia -
Wow, what a weekend! Friday, we celebrated my birthday by going out to dinner. I couldn't have asked for two better dates!

Saturday, You and I headed to dance class. After dance, we met Glamma and Cookie at Ginny's house. Mommy and Daddy had a wedding on Saturday night. We had our first big snow fall of the year. Driving home from the wedding wasn't the most fun thing I've ever done but it sure looked pretty.

On Sunday, I headed over to pick you up. After you had some breakfast, we headed to Target with Glamma and then we went home to pick up Daddy to go Christmas Tree Shopping. In typical Dirks' fashion, we picked a tree in less than 3 minutes. 
 On Sunday night, Ashley and I went to Jingle Ball...Kelly Clarkson was the finishing act. It was the 8th time I've seen her in concert...which ties for my attendance at Backstreet Boys Concerts.
You and I took a picture before I left to show how big my belly is getting! Oy!
Here is our fav singing "I'll be home for Christmas". She blows me away and makes me cry.

When I got home from the concert, I snuck into your room to see how cute you were sleeping. I accidentally woke you up and the first words out of your mouth were "You see Kelly Clarkson, Mommy?" followed by a request for a bathroom break. Girl after my own heart.