Friday, May 29, 2009

7 Months, minus 1 day

Dear Amelia -
TOMORROW you will be 7 months old, er...or should it be young? I can't believe how time has flown. You are the most precious thing I have ever seen in my life! I adore you!

So, yesterday...right after I posted your blog. Grandma Kiki called "Courtney, I think Amelia has an ear infection" I was so glad she called because I had been thinking that you had one for about a week. Lots of tugging at the ear and crying. Plus, you haven't been sleeping as well as normal. Your normal doctor was booked for the day so I had to make an appointment at a different location. I picked you up from Kiki's at 245. You were happy as a lark but Kiki mentioned you were a little needier than usual. The first thing I asked the doctor was about your breathing yesterday. He checked your lungs and everything was A-OK! He thought maybe you had learned a new sound (just like Daddy had thought!) Then it was on to your ears...everything was okay there too! He said sometimes babies tug at their ears when they are teething. That explains it! To celebrate, you and I went shopping! Mommy got a new cardigan to go over my dress for the wedding tomorrow. 

After shopping, we dropped of Glamma's Mothers Day gift (the bracelet.) Then we went to my haircut appointment with Kia. You were great, just sat there and watched Mommy get her haircut. I cut off about 3 inches and got long side bangs. Love it.

We went home, ate
(Daddy did this to you, I think you look like a cancer patient)

...hung outside for a bit then it was bedtime. Another rough night of you going to sleep. I rocked you for a bit and you finally fell asleep. We tried to let you cry it out for a bit but finally Daddy said "I can't take it anymore...either you go or I will." You have him wrapped around your finger. 

We have a busy weekend ahead of us. Tonight, we are going to go get you a new pack n play then we are off to the Stephens' for Cassidy's graduation party. Tomorrow, Daddy is helping Kiki move until about 1, then you are going to have a slumber party at Kiki's while Mommy, Daddy, Pam, Glamma, Cookie and Awesome Uncle Aldo go to Ryan and Chelsey's wedding. 

Its a day early but happy 7th month birthday pretty girl!


Thursday, May 28, 2009


Dear Amelia -
Since Monday was Memorial Day, Daddy got to take one day off this week to hang out with you some more. So, normally you hang out with Aunty Aubrey on Wednesdays but this day you got to stay home with Daddy! Yippie. He picked out another cute outfit for you to wear. Sorry I don't have any pictures of it. You two went over to Papa Jim's for a bit in the morning. When you got home, you helped Daddy make a turkey in the crock pot. When I got home, you were sitting in your bouncer. Daddy had told me you were making this weird sound like you were gasping for air. I tried not to let it scare me too much. You'd breath in and then "gasp, gasp, gasp" but it didn't seem to hurt you. Then when I was changing your diaper, you did it a little more dramatically. Scared the crap out of me. I shook you and said "BREATHE!!!" and you did. You haven't done it since but if you do it again tonight, I'm making an appointment with the doctor tomorrow. Maybe one of your readers knows something about it?

Daddy went and helped Kiki with some moving stuff and was home by 730. While Daddy was gone, you took a nap and I watched Ugly Betty and talked to uncle Billy. Poor uncle Billy aka Fun Uncle Billy (FUB) is lonely without his family. I wish he was home too!

After dinner...
It was time for bed. We put you down and you cried the second we closed the door. First I went in, put your paci back in and rubbed your head. You cried again, so I went and rocked you. Cried...then Daddy went and checked on you...cried. Daddy tried to rock you again fell asleep but as soon as he left the room, you cried again. We just let you cry it out. You fell asleep not to long after that. You slept until 7 this morning. 

Here you are this morning looking cute...

You look so scared in this picture

Hi cutie!

I hope you are having a fun day with Kiki and Great Grandma and Grandpa Babcock. I'm going to get my hair cut (maybe some side bangs?) after work so I'll see you a little bit late tonight!


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Dear Amelia -
Last night we didn't really do much. When I got home from work, Daddy had dinner all ready. He made homemade dressing. It was a spicy milky ranch dressing. It sure was yummy. We had our salads and then hopped in the car. We had to go check out a fire that happened by our house. Daddy called me yesterday while the two of you were out and about saying TNT (Teasures n Treats) was on fire.  This place is about 5 blocks away from our house. I wanted to see it with my own eyes so we drove past it. It was really bad. After we drove past, we headed to Toys R Us to buy you a pack n play. We received a coupon in the mail for 15% off. On our way there, I took a look at the coupon...not valid until 5/29/2009. Oops. We turned around and went home. We hung out in the porch for a bit then it was time for you to eat and then bed time! 
Here you are holding your own bottle like a big girl!

Today is Mommy's weigh in day at Weight Watchers. Earlier this week I was down -2 pounds but I stepped on the scale this morning and I'm up. I haven't cheated at all so I'm a little bummed by this. Hopefully next week will be better. 


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Weekend!

Dear Amelia -
We had such a fun weekend! Friday, I picked you up from Glamma and Cookie's house and we went home and did nothing. 

Saturday - 
We are dog sitting Kaia and Raja. You love Kaia.

Daddy worked so you and I played for a little bit. You practiced saying Momma. We went to Old Navy and Subway. Daddy got home around 3 and we got ready to go over to Sarah and Justins for a BBQ. We had a great time over there and they did a wonderful job hosting. There were a bunch of us there: Sarah, Justin, Wendy, Elijah, Molly, Matt, Owen, Katie, Jeff, Kia, Jason, Teegan, Omer, Pon, Brad, Sara and Madalyn. I hope I didn't forget anyone.  We stayed until about 730, then it was time to go home. 
You at Sarah and Justin's with your party hat on. Look at Daddy's silly face!

First, we stopped by Glamma and Cookies to grab your pack and play. 
Sunday, Daddy was suppose to work but ended up not having to! YIPPIE! 
Here you are lookin like a cool chick
This picture is hilarious!
Cheering for the Twins!

We dropped you off at Grandma Kiki's at 3pm for your sleepover. Great Grandma Babcock (Gigi) was there too! We said our goodbyes and went home to wait for Aunty Pam and Jax to pick us up to go to Liebs for the shower. We had so much fun. Ryan and Chelsey's wedding is on Saturday...It will be a blast!

Monday, Daddy went over to Papa Jim's at 10 and they went to the cabin to put in the docks. I picked you up at Kiki's and we stay and chatted for awhile. It sounds like you were great! You had fun with Kiki and Gigi! We decided to make a surprise stop at the Colehour's where Pam and Jackson were! We had lunch over there, then went home for a nap! Daddy got home around 5. We sat outside for a bit until bed time. What a great weekend!!
Raja and Kaia checkin you out.

Daddy sent me this picture this are too dang cute!!


Saturday, May 23, 2009


Dear Amelia -
After seeing THIS...we've been working on THIS...

Hope this makes up for my lack of blogs this week!



Friday, May 22, 2009

Cra-zy work week!

Dear Amelia -
I'm so sorry that your blog hasn't been updated much this week. We had 2 huge projects come up at work so I have been so busy!

Wednesday - Daddy ended up getting called off in the afternoon so he picked you up at Aubrey and Jeff's. The two of you hung out until I got home. We watched the finale of American Idol. Kris won! Woo hoo. One of the owners of our company is traveling in LA, staying at a super nice hotel. He texted me the night of the finale saying that he just saw Kris and he's staying at the same hotel as him. COOL! I asked for an autograph. We'll see about that. 

Thursday - You and Kiki had a very busy day. You went to Sam's club with aunty Aubrey and to Kiki's new place. When I came to pick you up, you were napping. Daddy had to work late yesterday so I made plans with Glamma to go hang out over at their house. Pam and Jax came over too! 
We waited for the Carlson's to join us, then it was off to dinner at Spasso's! It was delish. Jackson shared some of his snack with you...some little banana puff's. I put it in your mouth and you would leave it on your tongue making a funny face then eventually you'd eat it. After trying it a few times, you really decided you didn't like it. You spit up. Oops. That was our sign it was time to go. By this time, Daddy was home anyway and it was your normal time to start getting ready for bed. We got home, fed you, gave you a bath, read to you then it was time for bed. 

This morning, I dropped you off at Glamma's for your Friday with the Carlsons. I think Glamma is going to watch you in the morning so they can sleep in. I bet you are going to have a great day!

We have a busy weekend. Daddy's phone died this morning (RIP phone) so we have to go to the mall after work. Saturday, Daddy has to work so I think the plan is to go dress shopping with Pam and Jax. Saturday night, Sarah is having a get together so we'll go over there for a bit. Sunday, we have a couples shower at Liebs so you are going to sleep over at Kiki's!! 


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Oops, I forgot to blog yesterday

Dear Amelia -
Oops, Mommy forgot to blog yesterday! 
Monday - You had your day with Daddy. You guys didn't do much during the day. Eat and nap...sounds like a perfect day to me. Oh, I take that back. I think you were a little crabby. You have a little diaper rash going on. We met at Applebee's for dinner then went to Target for some groceries and stuff for you! We got you some new 6 month shorts but they are too small. After Target, we came home and hung out in the porch. You are sooo going to crawl soon. Here you are practicing!
Numbered List
Tuesday - You and Daddy got up before I left for work. Daddy got you dressed in a Twins get-up. 
Around your nap time yesterday, Daddy was outside trying to fix a broken glass pane when he cut himself, bad. He cut the tip of his knuckle off. He texted me to tell me this had just happened. I called him and told him he needed to go get stitches. He refused. He called Grandma Kiki who came over and helped him get himself cleaned up (even big boys need their mommy's help sometimes!) Kiki also thought he needed to go get stitches. After he told me that she also suggested it, I asked him to go. Again, he refused. Finally he came to his senses and said he'd go after work. I told him it was too late at that point. When I got home, he said it was fine and I wasn't going to make him go. He really should have gone...for the record :) So, one day when you ask him where that big scar on his knuckle came from...we can look at this blog to remember. 
Anyway, Daddy said you were in a great mood all day! When I got home from work, you greeted me with a big smile. We had dinner and hung out all night. You took a late nap which didn't make bed time easy. We put you down at 8 and you cried for awhile so I went and rocked you to sleep but you didn't sleep for long. Then Daddy tried. Again, you fell asleep but the second you got in your crib, you woke up. You finally fell asleep. 

Today is going to be hot! 90 degrees! So I put you in a 9 month outfit that Glamma bought for you. The shorts are too small! My tall girl...
Pam and Jax made it into town safe and sound yesterday. We can't wait to see them!


Monday, May 18, 2009

Girls Weekend

Dear Amelia -
I cannot even tell you how much I missed you this weekend. 

Thursday night - Star Party! It was amazing. I love Kelly Clarkson! 
You and Daddy hung out while I was at the concert. 

Friday - You and I woke up early to get ready for you to go to Glamma and Cookie's and for me to get ready for the cabin. I took you over to Glamma and Cookies around 9 and hung out for a bit. You two had a play date with Martha and Finn. Sounds like you had a great time. You went for a walk and to some garage sales. Glamma said you slept well, as usual. 
We got up to the cabin around 3ish and hung out until the other car of girls arrived. There were 8 of us total. Mommy, Katie Elden, Katie Hughes, Kathy, Kia, Sarah, Wendy and Sara. One of the girls announced that they are pregnant this weekend. I'm not allowed to say who because she needs to tell some others still but it was very exciting! Friday night, we stayed up late and laugheddd!

Saturday - You, Glamma and Cookie went to your first Art Gallery Showing. You also went out to lunch. They dropped you off at our house at 3, sounds like it was perfect timing because Daddy was just getting home. You must have missed your momma because Daddy sent me a text saying "It totally sounds like Amelia is saying mama. She goes 'mamamamamamamamamamamamama' over and over while she's playing in her bouncer. Hilarious." I loved that! It made my day!  Sounds like Papa Jim came over for a bit Saturday and hung out with you and Daddy. 
At the cabin, we took naps, had deep conversations and did a whole lot of sitting around. We went out to dinner and then to the Roadhouse for some more fun. 

Sunday - Daddy had to help Grandma Kiki with some stuff on Sunday with uncle doodie so you went with them. 
I made all of the girls get up at a decent time at the cabin so we could get on the road. I couldn't spend one more minute without seeing you. We were on the road by 10:04am. We got home at 2. I rushed home, you and Daddy weren't home yet. I was so disappointed. You finally got home a little over an hour later and you gave me a big smile when I saw you!! You and I took a nap together in Mommy and Daddy's bed. Then we played and it was bed time already. 

I'll have some more pictures soon from girls weekend and I'm sure Cookie took some pictures of you from the weekend.


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Star Party!!

Dear Amelia -
Last night was uneventful. I got a bunch of stuff ready for the weekend since I'm not going to be home until late tonight. I also brought home a little work. You and Daddy hung out until I was done. After that, it was time for you to eat and then bed. 

Here are some pictures to make up for this short blog.

I love this one of you and Daddy. He's looking at me, you are looking at him and I'm looking at you!

And here is that cute video I was telling you about on Tuesday...

Sorry the video is sideways, just turn your head. :)

Grandma Kiki is going to drop you off at home tonight because I'm going to STAR PARTY to see KELLY CLARKSON tonight!!! I'll miss you and Daddy!

PS - This will be the last blog this week. I'm off tomorrow and going up to the cabin for GIRLS WEEKEND!


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Lucky Mommy!

Dear Amelia -
Daddy put you in the cutest outfit yesterday. Robin brought this for you when you were first born and Daddy has been waiting for you to fit into it! 
While Daddy was at the dentist, you were hanging with Grandma Kiki at work. She said that you were sitting on her lap while she was typing up a document. You reached up and typed "dadz". I already knew you were a Daddy's girl but this really proves it! Silly girl!

Daddy made white chicken chili for dinner. It was G-O-O-D and only 5 points for 1 cup. We ate dinner and I worked on the t-shirt transfers for the girls weekend t-shirts. We ran out of toner so I had to run up to Walgreens and get some more. Daddy said you were crabby so he fed you a little early. When I got home, he was just putting you down in your crib. I made it just in time to read you a book and say goodnight. You slept until 7 again this morning! I can't believe what a good sleeper you are!

Today has been such an exciting day. I got into work at my normal 8 oclock time. I was sitting at my desk, working when I got a call from Annie. 


Me "No, why?" 

Annie "They are reading Marni's email" 

Then my phone rang...First, I'll give you a little background. Star Party is a yearly concert that KDWB has. This year Kelly Clarkson is going to be there so of course I want to go. I've been trying to win tickets for WEEKS. After unsuccessful calls at the touchtones...I came up with a plan. A good plan. I had a bunch of my co-works send emails saying how annoying I was being about calling and to just give me some tickets. Here's the email they read on the air this morning...
  Dear Mr Ryan -
                My coworker Courtney is driving us all crazy at work, call on the 10’s every stinkin hour on speaker phone. We have all banned together to send you a bunch of emails to get this girl some tickets so we can have some peace and quiet around the office. She’s even making some  of us call for her.
                PLEASE HELP!
So, Monday Marni tells me that they wrote her back asking for my phone number. We thought they would call right away but they didn't. So on with today's story...I answer my phone at work

"This is Courtney"

"Courtney, this is so and so from need to stop..."

Me "Dave Ryan, I know this is you, I heard you on the radio"

They proceed to ask me if I want to go to Star party. I had to break their hearts (and their prank call bit) and tell them I already had won tickets. BUT they gave me 2 more tickets to give to my co-workers. None of them can go so I gave the extra pair to Wendy who really really really wanted to go! I'm sooo looking forward to the concert but I will have a lot to do tonight to get ready for girls weekend! YIPPIE, I will miss you lots tho!

PS - I just weighed in at Weight Watchers. I lost 1.6 pounds this week with a grand total of 6! I'll take it!


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mothers Day Weekend!

Dear Amelia -
Have you gotten use to no blogs on the weekend yet? Oh good, I'm glad you have because I've decided I'm only going to do the blog on work days. Its so much easier to write them while at work!

Friday - Molly, Matt and Owen dropped you off after I got home from work because they were at Molly's dad's anyways so it was nice and easy. We just hung out Friday. You laughed lots at Norman. I took a really cute video of you laughing at him but I left the camera at home today so I can't post it. I'll post it later. You took a bath then it was time for bed. 

Saturday - Daddy worked so you and I just hung out all day. We cleaned up the house, watched tv, took some naps...
Once Daddy got home, I started to make some food for the Mothers Day Brunch. I made the yummiest egg bake. It had croutons AND hash browns in it. I only had a little taste since I'm on a diet...I mean lifestyle change :) I also made some pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. Also only had a bite. I finished just in time to feed you, read you a book and put you down for bed. 

Sunday - MOTHERS DAY! Our first Mothers Day together. You woke up and gave me my wonderful Mothers Day present...

It says "amelia   10.30.08" I love it! After the present opening, it was time for a bath. You were diggin the bath...this is my new favorite picture of you!

Just a few months ago, you hated baths...

Everyone started arriving at our house around 10am. The guests included: Grandma Kiki, Glamma, Cookie, Sherry, Gram Gram, Anner, Paul, Grace, Wilson, Molly, Owen, Matt, Amy, Meghan, Katie, Shannon and Ben

We had a great time! We gave the Grandma's their presents. I'm so excited about them. I can't wait until they get here (not until the end of the month.)

After everyone left...we did nothing. Just sat around, the 3 of us. What a great day!

Monday - Daddy took you and Norman for a walk yesterday, talked to some neighbors, went to Sam's club and hung out in the porch. That's where I found you two when I got home from work. You've been a little stinker lately about naps. Usually, if the blanket is over your face you'll fall right to sleep but not these last few days. You haven't been wanting to take a nap. So the only thing that seems to be working is putting you in your swing. We did that last night after you had your 530 snack. You slept for about an hour. Then it was time for carrots, formula and bed time.

Tuesday - You slept until 730 this morning! Even through me winning STAR PARTY tickets at 7am! I was running around the house after I won so I was surprised you slept thru it! I can't wait to see KELLY CLARKSON on Thursday night!! YIPPIE! Daddy has a dentist appt at 1 today so he is going to drop you off at Kiki's work for about an hour. I hope you have fun!


Friday, May 8, 2009

Go Girl

Dear Amelia -
Yesterday was a great day. While at work, I answered a trivia question on Facebook, they were going to randomly going to pick a winner and I WON! I won 2 go girls. I already have 3 but I'm going to give one to Shelly and keep the other in my car. I'm trying my luck every hour trying to win Star Party tickets through KDWB. Kelly Clarkson is going to be there so I MUST go!

I normally pick you up at Kiki's on Thursdays but I went straight home after work to get ready for the girls to come over. Daddy picked you up. The girls came over at 630 and we decided what we wanted to bring up to the cabin next weekend for girls weekend. We also tried to make our own t-shirts but I printed the transfers backwards. Oops. You hung out with us on the porch until everyone left. Then it was time for dinner and then bed. You slept until 530. 

Aunty Pam sent me this funny video today...

I'm so glad that its Friday! This week feels like its dragged on and on!


Thursday, May 7, 2009

100th post

Dear Amelia -
Today is our 100th post. Thats a lot of writing about my favorite person in the whole wide world (tied with Daddy.)

I met you and Aubrey at Ace Hardware at our normal time. You were just waking up from a nap. We drove home to meet Daddy. Daddy made himself a steak and I had cherrios (only 4 points for 2 servings.) After that we ran to Sam's club to get some stuff ready for Sunday. We have a busy rest of the week with Daddy working so we wanted to buy everything we could. After Sam's we went to Target and got some paper plates. Adorable stuff of course. I'm excited for Sunday, not only because its my first Mothers Day but to have everyone over. Plus I'm really really excited for your Grandma's presents! I hope they love it! 

After our errands, we came home and played for a little bit.
Check out all that drool on your shirt! 

Then it was time for pea's. No gagging this time. You ate them like a champ! You still love your oatmeal more tho. We had no problems putting you to bed last night as usual. You slept this morning until 530. 

Tonight the girls are coming over to talk about our GIRLS WEEKEND trip coming up.


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Weight Watchers - week 1

Dear Amelia -
You and Daddy had a great day together. I have a feeling someone is going to be a Daddy's girl. You already have him wrapped around your little finger. On my way home from work yesterday Daddy said, "Amelia has a surprise for you." I hate surprises. This was worth it though. I went to Target, got you some new paci's, baby food and oatmeal. When I got home, I found the 2 of you on the porch and you had a pretty bow in your hair. That was the surprise. How cute is it that Daddy picked that out?
We hung out in the porch until Kiki came over and her and Daddy went for another errand. While they were gone, you took a good nap and then we played until it was time for dinner.  

You hated the pea's. But we are going to try them for 4 days straight. I read that it takes 10 times for babies to try something before they like it. After the pea's followed oatmeal, a bottle and bed. You woke yourself up from a bad dream. I rocked you for a short time because it didn't take very long for you to fall asleep. You slept until 7am this morning. 

Well, I just weighed in for my first week with Weight Watchers. I lost...drum roll please... 4.4 pounds! YEAH ME! I'll keep you posted on my weight loss every week.

Tonight, we are going to go for a walk but if its raining, we are going to go to Sam's club to buy stuff for our mothers day brunch!


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cinco de Mayo!

Dear Amelia -
Today is Cinco de Mayo. I'm not really sure what that means but something about Mexico. Fun. Yesterday someone on facebook wrote "Happy Star Wars Day...May the 4th be with you." I thought that was sooo funny. Do you think its as funny as I do?

Yesterday you and Daddy hung out all day. When I got home from work, I picked you up and we went to the General Store for some gifts. Shhh, we can't tell yet. Then we went back home and Daddy had left with Kiki to go run an errand. They were suppose to be gone for awhile but ended up only being gone for about an hour. After they got home, we sat in the porch for awhile. 

I know this picture is blurry but you love when Daddy tosses you up in the air.

We were out there for awhile, you even took a short nap while I held you. We had to wake you up because it was time to eat. You were not in the mood for your oatmeal. We just gave you your bottle. Then it was time to get ready for bed. Lydia sent us a nice poem yesterday.

You may have tangible wealth untold;
Caskets of jewels and coffers of gold.
Richer than I you can never be --
I had a mother who read to me.

She sent this because she noticed that I read to you before bed time when we were in Milwaukee. Isn't that nice? Thanks Lydia.

You must have been a tired girl because you fell asleep immediately after we left your room. 

Today you and Daddy went to the dump. I bet that was an enjoyable. 


Monday, May 4, 2009

SERIOUS Spring Cleaning

Dear Amelia -
Wow! Busy weekend! 
Friday - Cookie came over to do the wainscoting in the bathroom and needed to run home quick so he brought you with him. I packed your sleepover stuff, just incase and its a good thing I did. You had a sleepover with Glamma while Daddy and I organized our house and Cookie did the wainscoting. We got a lot done!

Saturday - More organizing and cleaning. We switched the dining room and living room around. It looks so nice now! Uncle Doodie came over to smoke salmon with Daddy and then they went over to uncle doodie & aunty Aubrey's to hang out for awhile. You and I went to Walmart. 

Sunday - Glamma and Cookie came over to help finish getting everything ready for the appraiser that came this morning. We made 2 trips to Target and 1 trip to the Colehour store. There's always good stuff there :) It was a long weekend of getting the house ready. It really hasn't ever looked better. See for yourself!


Friday, May 1, 2009

6 Month Check Up

Dear Amelia -
Yesterday you had your 6 month check up with the doctor. Here are the stats...
4 Month Doctor's Visit Stats: 
Weight: 14 pounds 10 oz 
Length: 24 1/2"
Head: 16 1/2"

6 Month Doctor's Visit Stats:
Weight: 17 pounds 9 oz      80% 
Length: 27 90%
Head: 17 75%

I'm most shocked by the 90% length. A Stephens' is never ABOVE average in height. You also got 3 shots. First one didn't cry but the 2nd and 3rd you were not happy about. Even after the appt you weren't happy. Everything checked out in your appointment. I thought you might have another ear infection but you don't. Phew! No teeth yet either. She did say that she thinks you are going to be crawling in no time. She said to start out with food gradually, start with veggies first. So Grandma Kiki had given you some baby food for Eastermas so you had some yummy carrotts. You liked them. 

After you went to bed, I cleaned off the walls in the bathroom because Cookie is coming over tonight to help Daddy put up Wayne's Coating! Daddy cleaned the bathtub and I cleaned the basement after we put you to bed. 

Sorry about the weird formating on todays blog. I can't figure out what I did wrong or how to fix it. Annoying.