Saturday, January 31, 2009

The secret is out!

Dear Amelia -

Yesterday feels like days ago. I'm having a hard time remembering what we did. After work, we went over to Glamma and Cookie's house. Cookie showed us all of his pictures from Africa. There were some really cool pictures. He saw Lions, Giraffe's, Rino's and all sorts of cool animals! We decided to sleep over there! Molly and Owen also slept over. You didn't sleep very well tho. I put you in the crib at 830, you were hungry by 11, you slept until 4 and then you were up at 7 to eat again. It may sound like you slept alright but you got up and cried a few times in between. Hopefully you'll sleep well tonight.

Today we got up and played with Owen a bit. We had a little secret that we were going to suprise aunty Pam with but we couldn't wait to tell her! WE ARE GOING TO VA NEXT WEEKEND! Pam was very excited! We can't wait to see them! Your first plane ride!

We went to Wilson's basketball game at Groveland (where Daddy went to school.) You took a nap...

Tomorrow is SUPERBOWL Sunday!


Friday, January 30, 2009

3 month birthday

Dear Amelia -
Today is your 3 month birthday! I can't believe it. It feels like you've been around longer but it also feels like we just met you. Either way, I can't imagine life without you!
You had a fun time with Grandma KiKi yesterday. You celebrated Chinese New Year! She got you a growth chart where we can mark how tall you are getting! Pretty cool! We met over at Grandma's house after work to have some soup (I love soup.) Aunty Aubrey and Uncle Doodie met us over there too. We had to be home by 7 because Norman had been home all day by himself. Poor guy. AI was on too. Molly and Owen got to our house around 730. He is so funny and cute. 

You went to sleep last night at 830 and slept until 445...such a good girl :)

In about an hour, I am going to meet you, Molly, Owen, Kia and Teegan at the playground at the Mall! Should be fun and I can't wait to see you. 

See you soon!


Thursday, January 29, 2009

We hate bath time

Dear Amelia -
Yesterday was your day with Aubrey. I was a little concerned about you in the morning because you had spit up all over yourself when I got you out of your crib in the morning. Then as I was changing you spit up a clear liquid. I didn't think you felt good but Aubrey said you were a little needier than usual but didn't seem like anything was wrong. Phew.

We watched WOF and American Idol, then it was HATE bathtime:

I make Daddy give you baths because I'm always afraid of dropping you. You fell asleep in the middle of your bottle last night so we were wondering how long you would sleep last night. You slept from 9 to 5!  YEAH AMELIA!

Today you are with Grandma KiKi, then we are going to eat dinner there and then go home where Molly and Owen should be around 8ish! YIPPIE!

Lunch time...


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Shout out to Kellee :)

Dear Amelia -
You had another fun day with Daddy yesterday. You took naps while Daddy played video games and cleaned. Grandpa Papi came over to play with you and to have his birthday dinner! Daddy made a yummy meal that he found in the Cooking Light magazine. It was breaded chicken that was breaded with crackers. It tasted just like KFC, man was it good. We watch Wheel of Fortune (I will start calling it WOF since we watch it every night,) and American Idol. You have been getting so crabby around 8 every night so I'm thinking maybe its time to push your bedtime up again. Daddy and I decided that after you sleep 7 hours for 4 nights in a row, we'll try. Last night you did well again, slept from 930 until 5am. Pretty good for only being 3 months old! 
Over lunch today I went and bought a new diaper bag for you. One that's a little easier to carry (its actually a diaper backpack) and its brown so Daddy won't refuse to hold it's really not his color. Its so cute, I can't wait to put your stuff in it. 

See you in a few hours!


PS - Shout out to Kellee for leaving comments unlike the rest of our ghost readers :)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Dear Amelia -
You got a package in the mail early V-day gift(s). Lydia sent you a cute teddy bear that says "(smooooch) I love you" and 2 cute outfits. I set out the "I LOVE MOMMY" one for daddy to dress you in today. 

Last night you were a good girl. Daddy went to work and our friend Maissa came over. Maissa just found out that she's having a baby girl, so you will have a playmate, not until June tho. After Maissa left, you and I hung out. Your legs are getting so chunky...they are the cutest things I've ever seen. 

I started to feed you and then Daddy came home. He finished feeding you, then it was bed time. We put you down about 930, you cried around 10 so Daddy rocked you. You slept all the way until 6am! We were so excited! The night before you didn't sleep very well so it was a nice surprise.

Tonight, Grandpa Papi is coming over for dinner for his birthday. We forgot it last unlike me. 


Monday, January 26, 2009

Best Day!

Dear Amelia -
I think Monday's are going to be days that I tell you other things than what we did the day before. Today's discussion will be, the day you were born...well, lets start with the day before.

Wednesday, Oct 29th: Daddy got up for work so Norman came in for his morning snuggle with Mommy. I got up to go to the bathroom. On my way back, I noticed my water had broken! In the movies, it's always this big gush of water so I wasn't sure that's what it was. I yelled to Daddy..."I think my water just broke" I told him to go to work and I'd call the doctor. When I called, the told me to take a shower and come on in. So, I called Daddy back...he hadn't even gotten to work yet. We went to the hospital where they confirmed that my water had broken. The first few hours were nothing...minor contractions. Glamma came around 1pm and hung out with us. The contractions started getting a lot worse later that afternoon. They gave me an epidural at 7, it didn't hurt as bad as I thought it would but it was very scary. I cried. Daddy and the nurse talked me through it tho. We took lots of naps and watched tv to wait for your arrival. Daddy rubbed my back and did whatever I asked him to, Glamma went and got daddy food and kept your website up to date for all of the egger people reading at home. Around 730 am on 10/30, it was time to push. Ma
n, that was hard work but worth every bit of it. You arrived at 8:40am. You were so pretty. Just a little tiny baby. Daddy went over and saw you and came back with tears in his eyes and told me how proud he was of me. After a few minutes they brought you over to me, I cried. You were perfect. It was the best day of my life, every day since then has been the best day. You are everything I ever wished for.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Baby its cold outside!

Dear Amelia -
I was a bad blogger and forgot to blog yesterday! Oops!
Friday, You went on your first playdate! You, Owen and Molly went to Molly's cousin Chris' house and played with her 3 kids. Molly said you were so naughty, not really :)
We started our Friday Happy Hour around 6. Mr Stephens, Lydia and Ricky finally got the webcam working! We talked to them for about 45 mins before you started to get hungry. We waiting to talk to Billy, Pam and Jackson via webcam but it was your bedtime by the time they got off the webcam with the Milwaukee'ns. You slept from 930 until 450! What a big girl!

Saturday, Daddy worked while you and I watched tv until about noon. After that, we took a drive up to the Albertville outlet mall! None of my clothes fit the same after I had you so I needed some new clothes! I got 5 new shirts for $70! What a steal :) We didn't stay out there very long because it was below 0! Brrr! We rushed home to meet Daddy! We picked up Glamma from the airport at 430 and drove her home. We were going to take her to a party but your carseat wouldn't work in Glamma's car so we went home. You were very crabby for some reason and I didn't feel good either. Daddy was hanging out with Aunty Aubrey and Uncle Doodie! They are always fun to hang with! You went to sleep again until 930 and slept exactly until 450 again!

Today, Daddy works from 1030 to 10 so we are going to clean the house and lay around all day!

Tomorrow, I am going to tell you about the day you were born!


Friday, January 23, 2009


Dear Amelia -
Thank Goodness Its Friday!!! This week has gone by really fast but I'm ready for the weekend!

Last night we met Molly and Owen at Old Chicago. You were perfectly behaved as usual.
Owen was his normal funny self. He couldn't wait to get back to our house to go "real-tend" swimming. Real-tend = Pretend. He did bring his swimsuit with him. 

I can't wait until I see you in a few hours!

That's all for now.


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Missing you

Dear Amelia -
Yesterday was a tough day for me at work...I really missed you. Maybe because I was bored without much to do or maybe because you were so smiley before Aubrey got there! Either way, I sure missed you. 

Aubrey had a meeting at work so she dropped you off last night around 6. It was awesome because the plan was that I would pick you up at her place in Chanhassen every day but now she has these Wednesday meetings so she is going to drop you off after them! I took the opportunity to clean the upstairs! I even had time to make dinner!

Mr. Stephens and Lydia got webcam so we spent the majority of the night trying to figure that out with no luck. Bummer. We did watch American seemed to like it:

I think you can see the color red now (up until recently, it was only white, black and gray.) When I wear my Iowa State sweatshirt (which is all the time,) you stare at the red print. Its so fun to know you are getting more advanced. 

Now we are just waiting for you to laugh...hopefully soon!


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Livin free and easy

Dear Amelia -
We finally had a little family night last night! Daddy made pot roast, it sure was delish. We watched tv for the most of the night. Wheel of Fortune and American Idol. You were livin free and easy in your bumbo without any pants on :)

You wanted to eat at 9 last night, so we decided to feed you early to see how it went. You were in your crib by 9:30 and talked to yourself for about 45 minutes (no crying!) then fell asleep. You woke up at 3am...that's 6 hours without eating. You have to catch up to that cousin of yours who went 7 hours last night! 
Speaking of Jackson, he also has a blog!
We sure miss him and his parents.
I thought of your aunty Pam this morning as I dressed you...she got you this cute outfit and made the "Amelia" sign that you are staring at!
Look at that those cute buns!

You are with Aunty Aubrey today, having a ball I'm sure!


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

O Happy Day

Dear Amelia -
Today is a day of History. Today Barack Obama is sworn in as President. I'll admit that I did not vote for the man but think its pretty cool that I can witness the first black president. I hope he lives up to all of his promises. I wonder how Mr. Stephens feeling about today? He's a HUGE republican.

Daddy had to work again last night so we just hung out. You had your 3rd shot (the one that they had a national shortage of) yesterday. Daddy said you cried for 3 seconds and then stopped. I was a little afraid you were going to be crabby the rest of the night but you were an angel.

Well, I am going to go watch President Elect get sworn in. I hope you and daddy are watching it at home too so you can say that you witnessed this event.


Monday, January 19, 2009

Amelia Alixandra Dirks

Dear Amelia -
Yesterday was a boring day...daddy worked from 10am to 10pm at his part time job so it was just me and you. 

So, since I don't have much to report from yesterday, I thought I'd tell you about your name.

Meaning: Work; effort; strain

I went to high school with a girl named Amelia, she went by Mimi tho. I've loved that name ever since. One thing I don't love is when people say "Amelia Bedelia" or "Amelia Earhart". Not funny or original people.
I think your name is so lady like and it is so classic. Fits you just perfect!

Meaning: Defending Men

Your middle name is after Glamma. It goes so pretty with your first name. Glamma is so proud that is middle name was Alixandra. When you were in my belly and people would ask what your name was going to be and I would say "Amelia" then Glamma would chime in and say "What's her middle name?" 

Meaning: Dagger

If you were a boy, your name would have been Dylan August. Maybe you will have a brother with that name some day. 

I hope you've enjoyed learning a bit about your name!


Sunday, January 18, 2009


Dear Amelia -
You know what Sunday's are for? Staying in your pj's all day and watching tv. That's exactly what I've done all day! I did clean for a little bit while you napped.

Last night you went to Gram Gram's (readers: that's Great Grandma Floss) house while daddy was working and mommy went skating with Katie, Sarah, Sara and Wendy. Even tho I use to play hockey, it took awhile to get back into the groove. I went and picked you up and you and Gram Gram were having a great time! Gram said you were well behaved...not suprising :)

Daddy got home from work at 10ish last night. I went to bed but before I fell asleep I heard him bring you downstairs to rock you before he put you in your crib. I decided to listen to what was going on in your room and I could hear daddy talking to you..."Good night little girl, sleep tight, I love you" It was so precious. He told me this morning that you were crying last night and all he could think about is how much he loves you. You are going to be a daddy girl, that's for sure!

Back to work tomorrow :(



Saturday, January 17, 2009

Webcam Happy Hour

Dear Amelia -

We started a new tradition last night. Webcam Happy Hour with Billy, Pam and Jackson. He had a great time. You and Jackson sat in your bumbo's while the adults had some beer's. We even did "CHEERS" thru the computer. It was fun.

Daddy had a funny idea to have you moon the was really funny until you tinkled on the computer! It was funny and the computer still works today!
Molly and Owen slept over again! It's always fun to have them around!
You were back in your crib last night! You slept for 5 1/2 hours straight last night! Such a big girl!
You look extra cute today...

Tonight you are going to Gram Gram's tonight for a few hours while Daddy works and Mommy goes skating with the girls.

I will miss you the few hours I'm away from you...



Friday, January 16, 2009

Knee slappin good time

Dear Amelia -
We sure had a good time last night! Glamma and Cookie came over before they go on their trips. Glamma is going to Arizona  and Cookie is going to Africa, yes Africa. We talked to Pam and Jackson on the webcam for a bit...

Then some of our favorite people came over...MOLLY AND OWEN! Owen and Mommy had a knee slappin good time...literally. We were talking about mustard on poop. I was slapping my knee I was laughin so hard. Owen was copying me which made me laugh even harder. He's so funny. Maybe you had to be there...OH, you were!

You were hungry early last night, so I fed you around 9:30. Tried putting you in your crib...I was so tired, I didn't feel like making you cry in your crib so you slept in your swing again. You slept all the way until 4am. After your morning feeding, I put you in your crib where you slept until 7:15! I fed you, got you dressed and watched you smile. You are so pretty. I tell you that all the time but you really are. You love it when I say "Are you Mommy's pretty girl?"

Here's a picture of you this morning before I went to work. You aren't smiling in this picture but you look cute. 

You are hanging with Molly and Owen today. I think you guys are going to head to the mall! Fun! I bet you are going to have so much fun. 

Brr...I'm having a hard time warming up today, its -8 which actually feels warm compared to the -25 it was yesterday morning!

Tomorrow is work for Mommy! WOO HOO!


Thursday, January 15, 2009

First Blog!

Dear Amelia -
Your brilliant mother has come up with another awesome idea! I am going to start you your very own blog. This blog is going to be nice and simple. It will consist of the following things:
  • Cute things
  • Not so cute things
  • Milestones in your life
  • Growth charts
  • Pictures
  • Tidbits of Daddy, Mommy and Norman's lives
  • One thing it will not consist of is good grammar...not mommy's forte! 
Glamma and Cookie will read in the comforts of Minnetonka, Mr. Stephens and Lydia can keep up on your every move, Grandma Kiki and Grandpa Papi can gush over your pictures and the rest of your adoring fans can read every day to find how fast your are growing! 

So, lets get started...Last night we finally got to see uncle Billy, Aunty Pam and Jackson...over webcam, its the 2nd best thing behind seeing them in real life. Technology is so cool! We watched American Idol, your mommy's favorite show. Even Daddy has been watching it this year. You did your normal evening routine...bathtime and then time to eat around 10pm. Daddy put you in your crib (I was sleeping.) You usually sleep 4-6 hours before your next feeding. Not last night! You woke up at 1:30 crying. I nudged your dad to wake up. He got up, went to the bathroom where I thought he was making your bottle. I didn't expect to see him back in bed!! I said "Ryan, the baby is crying" he just laid back down and said "no she's not!" I laughed because it was obvious that you were crying. He finally figured it out...One thing you'll learn about your silly daddy, he sleeps really hard and talks/walks in his sleep. He's one funny guy. So daddy went and feed you but you weren't havin it. You cried and cried. You weren't hungry, I changed your diaper...nope, not it, rocked you, not helpin, were you cold? Don't think so. So we brought you in our room and you slept in your swing for the night, that did the trick. You went fast to sleep. I don't blame you for wanting to be closer to us. You did such a good job sleeping in your crib for 4 nights straight. Tomorrow's (tonight) a new day...we'll try the crib again tonight.

That's it for today. Molly and Owen are having a sleep over tonight so I bet we'll have lots to chat about tomorrow.